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Tip of the Day Pay Your Bills On Time

Pay Your Bills On Time - We all get behind on our bills every once in a while, but when it becomes a constant practice it starts to cost us...

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    Create Your Own Bank

    Infinite Banking Own Your Own Bank Also goes by the terms 'cash flow banking', 'bank of you' and the more technical terms are; 'dividend paying life insurance' or whole life insurance'. To describe it briefly would be to basically own your bank, deposit money in it and lend out that money and collect interest on it! I know sounds too good to be true.. But it is true and the sad part about it is that most people including financial planners are unaware of it. First of all lets look at how banks work; they take other peoples money in the form of...

    Direct Deposit

    Posted On: 2006-01-04Length: Listen to this podcast Hey everybody, welcome back to your Debt Podcast, my name is Jay Fleischman and thanks for staying subscribed on this today, Wednesday, January 4, 2006. 2006 still isn't rolling off my tongue quite the way that 2005 did, but I'm sure we'll all get used to it. Today we've got a fairly short show for you, it's just going to be a resolution helper, and let's just right into it. Here is today's resolution helper. We've looked at your debts, and we've looked at our overhead fixed monthly expenses. Our next stop is direct deposit and how...

    Direct Deposit Information

    Posted On: 2006-01-05Length: Listen to this podcast Hey everybody, and welcome back to your Debt Podcast. Today is Thursday, January 5, 2006. I am Jay Fleischman. Thanks for listening and thanks for staying subscribed. Today we've got a short resolution helper for you that's going to help you tie up the loose ends that I have inadvertently, well, not inadvertently, I've done it on purpose, left on the first couple resolution helpers. Today's going to tie it all together, it's like a season finale, but not really, of resolution helpers. Today is going to the last resolution helper for the week. Tomorrow...

    Foreclosure and the Housing Bubble

    Posted On: 2006-10-25Length: 1:04:49 Listen to this podcast Alright everybody, thanks for tuning on in tonight's episode of Vigilant Investor live this is Johannes Ernharth. And tonight we should have an interesting show ahead of us with Casey Serin, he's going to be our guest in a few minutes, he's in from California and he is the blogger who has been running a web site that, boy over the past few weeks has been getting more and more notoriety one way of the other, it's called iamfacingforeclosure.com. We talked about it a few weeks back, and we were talking about it in...

    Importance of Having Bank Accounts

    Posted On: 2006-04-29Length: Listen to this podcast You're listening to the Debt Podcast, your best source of news and information on personal finance, debt, credit and more. Visit us online at www.debtpodcast.com to check out the show notes, subscribe to our feed, or to sign up for e-mail notifications for new shows. Whether you're in debt, out of debt, or somewhere in between, the Debt Podcast will help you take control of your wallet. Get your questions answered on the show by bankruptcy and consumer law attorney, Jay Fleischman, by sending e-mail to debtpodcast@gmail.com, or just pick up the phone and call...

    Riskless Economy

    Posted On: 2007-01-12Length: 1:02:28 Listen to this podcast Yes, yes, yes. This is Johannes Ernharth and you are listening to the Vigilant Investor live. It's Friday and we've got a beautiful, beautiful cold day out here in Pittsburgh for a change, we've been having that unseasonably warm weather. Friday, January 12th today and thanks for tuning on in if you're listening out there. Welcome aboard if you're a first time listener. Today's show, we're going to be hitting on a number of things that we think are of course valuable as always, but just to run down a couple of, just sort...

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    Definition of the Day Redemption Price

    Redemption Price - The redemption price of an issued stock, preferred stock or, bond known as the redemption value. This means that when you first divested and, purchased a preferred stock, well informed at the time of purchase what the specified price was. The set price of the stock for...

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