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Bankruptcy and Consumer Attorney

Posted On: 2006-03-06Length: 21:22

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Hey everybody and welcome back to your debt Podcast. Today is Monday, March 6, 2006. My name is Jay Fleischman. Thank you for staying subscribed and for tuning into the show as always. This morning I had the pleasure and privilege to sit down and speak with Max Gardner, a bankruptcy and consumer attorney who is based out of Shelby, North Carolina. Max was very gracious in giving of his time, as well as a whole lot of information. And so what I've had to do is cut the interview in half. We're going to do half of it today, we're going to do the other half of the interview at our next show. It is incredibly informative. Max is a wealth of information. We're going to give you 17 minutes and 34 seconds of the interview today, and we're going to give you the rest of it tomorrow. I think that I am going to only do it in two parts, but on the next listen through, I may wound up giving you the second half in three parts. It's really going to depend on how it goes. It's dependent upon how much information I want to overload you all with two shots, as opposed to three. So here we go with Max's interview.

All right. Well Max, thanks for being on the show. Glad you took a little bit of time out for us. I'm wondering, how long have you been a bankruptcy attorney?

Jay, about 30 years and plus some. So we'll go with the 30.

We'll stick with the 30. Was bankruptcy the first kind of work that you started doing or did you start with something else?

No, actually I started doing criminal defense work and civil and personal injury work. I did some medical malpractice. I probably tried about 100 plus jury trials before I really started doing bankruptcy full time. Which, you know certainly was an advantage for me coming into bankruptcy because...

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