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Personal Finance Debt Credit

Posted On: 2006-04-05

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Debt Podcast show #62. A New Beginning You're listening to the Debt Podcast, your best source of news and information on personal finance, debt, credit and more. Visit us online at www.debtpodcast.com to check out the show notes, subscribe to our feed, or to sign up for e-mail notifications for new shows. Whether you're in debt, out of debt, or somewhere in between, the Debt Podcast will help you take control of your wallet. Get your questions answered on the show by bankruptcy and consumer law attorney, Jay Fleischman, by sending e-mail to debtpodcast@gmail.com, or just pick up the phone and call our listener line at 206-202-5231. Tell us what you think. We'd love to hear from our listeners, because without you, we're just talking to the computer. The Debt Podcast is a production of the Debt Relief Law Center of New York. Intro music by Dr. Frankenstein. Theme from the Mad Thinker.

Hey everybody, and welcome back to your Debt Podcast. My name is Jay Fleischman, and today is show number 62, for April 5, 2006. If you noticed at the beginning of the show I announced by show number rather than date, and I'm sure you also realize by now that I've been gone for a little while. I'm sure that you are concerned, and worried and you'd like to know what happened, and what I did on my vacation. Not my vacation in real life, just my vacation from the Debt Podcast. Well, a couple of things. First of all, I realized that we have not really been implicitly taking advantage of the time shifting nature of podcasting. Of course the great thing about podcasting is you download it when you want to, you listen to it when you want to, and therefore by beginning the show, at least some of the shows with news and information, probably was making the show a little bit more dated than it needed to be. In fact, if you go back some of the older shows, where I address news of the day, well, none of that's really important any more. It's not new, unless there's a major legislative change, unless there's something earth shattering going on, not really all that useful to everybody beyond the day that the show was posted. Even if you're going to listen to this show two or three days later, it doesn't really do you very much. So that was the first thing I did. I decided that we're going to cut out news and information. Not that I really used it all that often, not that I really brought in updates that frequently, but it was something that was taking quite a bit of my time to just be able to cull through my RSS feeds on a daily basis to see if there was anything that was really important. I'm going to be doing that less frequently and using those news stories more as things to talk about in general terms, rather than in the terms of today's news and such. Second thing you'll notice is that I announced that this is episode 62, show 62, installment #62, posting #62. Whatever you'd like to call it. Well, rather than talking about the date of the podcast, I think that it's much more important to note how many episodes...

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