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The History of Bankruptcy

Posted On: 2006-05-17

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Hey everybody, it is time for episode 66 of the Debt Podcast. You're listening to the Debt Podcast, your best source of news and information on personal finance, debt, credit and more. Visit us online at www.debtpodcast.com to check out the show notes, subscribe to our feed, or to sign up for e-mail notifications for new shows. Whether you're in debt, out of debt, or somewhere in between, the Debt Podcast will help you take control of your wallet. Get your questions answered on the show by bankruptcy and consumer law attorney, Jay Fleischman, by sending e-mail to debtpodcast@gmail.com, or just pick up the phone and call our listener line at 206-202-5231. Tell us what you think. We'd love to hear from our listeners, because without you, we're just talking to the computer. The Debt Podcast is a production of the Debt Relief Law Center of New York. Intro music by Dr. Frankenstein. Theme from the Mad Thinker.

Hey everybody and welcome back to your Debt Podcast. This is Jay Fleischman. I want to thank you for stopping in, staying subscribed, downloading the show. Whatever method you're using for getting the show, I want to thank you for getting it. If you have any questions or comments, please remember to send me an email at debtpodcast@gmail.com. We try our best to get to all of the questions that people ask us. Also, people have started asking for referrals to bankruptcy and consumer attorneys around the country. If you have a bankruptcy or consumer law question and you would like to speak with an attorney, please drop me a line. I've got fingers all over the country. I can most certainly point you if not to a direct referral for an attorney that I know, or that I know has an excellent reputation, at the very least I can give you some inkling of where you can go to find a referral on your own.

Ok. Well, it's been a few days, more than a few days since my last show. I had a sick dog, I had terrible allergies. If you're an allergy sufferer, and you're suffering now, it's tree pollen, in case you don't know. I didn't realize that I had a tree pollen allergy until I turned on the morning news found out the tree pollen was high. Of course my eyes were running, my nose was running, and I couldn't hear, so I put two and two together, came up with five, and well I subtracted one, and there we go.

Anyway, let's head on to the show. What say you? First, before we do that, I'd like to just give a little bit of information to anybody who's a Katrina survivor. News Advisory: national group of bankruptcy attorneys to hold free workshop for Katrina survivors. More than 20 experienced consumer bankruptcy attorneys from across the United States will hold a free special workshop for Katrina survivors, on May 20, 2006 from 5:30 to 6;00 p.m. of the Grand Ballroom of the New Orleans Marriott hotel, 555...

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