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Relationships in Business

Posted On: 2005-09-29
Length: 18:45

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Ladies and gentlemen, we're back once again. I'm the Jolly here with my three main guys here. We've got Lee Strong, you going to turn your mic on Lee?

Mic is on.

All right, he's with us now. We've got Paul Sanneman

Thank you thank you.

And I've got Dr. Andy.


Tonight we're going to do a little more discussionary topic. Cause it's something we can all feel strongly about. We're going to talk about business and relationships. Relationships in business. We all have a little take on what it takes, and you know, what relationships really take place in business, and how that really runs. I'm going to start off tonight with the voice of the strong man, Mr. Lee over here. He has a few things he'd like to say.

He's our resident nerd.

Well, but you know, there's an important thing about

He'll kick your ass.

There's an important thing

Mr. foul maker.

Yeah, don't forget that

Zip it.

There's an important thing about business (Laughter) We're off to a great start.

Dr. Andy works the sound effects so you can't stop them.

That for me has been probably the most important aspect of my business, and that's how I develop relationships with people. That matters more maybe than what I know about what I do for a living.

Well you know, one can argue

And that's getting along with people. That is the key to business.

One can argue that business IS relationships. You can't really have business without relationships. The notion of a basic transaction

Doctors do.

Sure. Well, no. They have a relationship, patient relationship.

It may be a shitty relationship, but they do have a relationship.

Wam, bam, thank you ma'am, here's a thermometer, have a good day. I mean, that's it. You're done.

Well, I think you can also argue

But there's a relationship nonetheless.

Is that the three keys to business


Relationship, relationship, relationship.

I teach that one.

Yeah, you did.

That means he listens to you.

That's right.

I can be taught.

What a good boy.

Once in a while.

The favorite thing about having a business is having relationships with clients that you really enjoy working with, and having a good time doing that. And so developing that relationship matters more than anything else. If you don't have a good relationship, you're not having fun. So that is the primary key

Well, I say, if you're not having a relationship, they're not having fun either, and they're not going to come back to you.

Exactly. So anybody who does business, they want to do business with people who they have a good relationship with. Their prices might be higher, their service might not be as good,

She might not be as cute, but what the hell.

They might not know as much about what they're doing, but if there's a good relationship there, that's the person you're going to work with.

That's right. Do business with friends first.

You know, in my old neighborhood, back in the old city, you know,

You Jewish guys, come on.

You couldn't be friends.

I'll bet you're not even circumcised.

Wise guy. I'm not saying anything here. You couldn't be friends until you get into an argument. I mean, if you get into an argument,

You're wrong.

Oh yeah?

That's just because you're Jewish. Give me a break.

That's cause you're east coast kid

If you couldn't,

Do you know the difference between a Catholic and a Jew? The Jews at least enjoy their suffering.

Hey you know, if you can't get into an argument, and still have a relationship, then you can't really be friends. Right?

No. Wrong.

If you can't have a disagreement and respect my

What if we have a disagreement, what if we argue

My significant other really knows that one!

Well we have had disagreements.

No we don't. What do we disagree on?

We disagree right now.

I think it might be happening right now.

That's right. So, the three keys to selling are

That must mean we're good friends.

There you go!

Relationship, relationship, relationship.

What's the key to business?

Have you ever got laid and...

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