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The Power of Conversation in Business

Posted On: 2005-10-19
Length: 20:47

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Number 9. Number 9. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, we're back for our ninth show. And I'm here with the usual suspects. I've got Lee the strong man.

Hello there.

Dr. Andy.


And now, the Paul man, Paul Sanneman coming at you.

How you doing? Well this is to our loyal listeners, again, tell a friend. I feel like I'm pitching this thing. We've got to get up to 25 listeners.

Wait, wait, wait. I believe we do have an e-mail that they could e-mail us at.

We do?

That's a good idea. How about three letters. Scs.

None of those stands for sex, right?


Not s-e-x, S-C-S at sonic.net.


Talk to me.

Talk to us. Send us some e-mails.

All right.

God, I sound dribbling, now.

Ok. It's time to get on with the topic for today.

The topic of this conversation is the power of conversation. And Lee,

What, wait a minute, wait a minute. What power?

What are you talking about?

Don't you feel the power?

No, the power of conversation. I believe, I believe that there's two things, at least in my life, that have had major changes. Either it's an event, like somebody dies or somebody is born, or you look at somebody, oh my god you almost get killed, it's like this event that has this big "ah ha" and it causes you to shift. You may start drinking, you may stop drinking. You know, something happens, a divorce, whatever, that causes a major shift in your life. Or, it's a conversation. You have a conversation with a friend, it could be a consultant, it could be a co-worker, it could be somebody. And out of that conversation there's this "oh my god" kind of experience, and I believe that's how people change and move.

No, nope, no. I disagree.

No wait a minute. Remember, I believe that the reason you're a consultant today is because of conversations I had with you.


I believe the reason that I'm a consultant today is because I've learned a lot over the years about how to consult, and how to do database work, and how to do all that.

No, no no. I remember when you, no, no. I remember when you had a real job. I remember when you had a real job, and I said,

Take me in the way back machine.

That's right. It was like a long time ago. Lee happens to be like, we got thrown out of the college dorm for drugs and sex and girls and stuff a long time ago.

I am shocked and dismayed by this.

Aw, you're just braggin,

That's right. You know if somebody says, "if you remember the 60s?" You weren't there, right? So, anyway, I remember when you came, remember the trailer in Roener Park?

I do remember a trailer in Roener Park. Yes.

And you were playing with that computer, at that time, the Commodore 64 or whatever, it was way back, a long time ago.


And I said, you should be a computer consultant. And you went, no no. And you had a real job. Remember you were working at where,

Petaluma's. A business in Petaluma. Infra-red detectors.

Infra-red detectors. And I said, Lee, you should quit and you should like, do what you do as a consultant. And you went, no, no, no, you have a job. And I had several conversations with you. But as my best friend, I eventually, out of those conversations, you became a consultant.

But it wasn't out of those conversations. Those conversations might have been a small part of it, but that wasn't the whole deal. I mean, for one thing, I got fired.

Right. That always helps.

All right. Plus I was totally involved in computers, plus people were starting to ask me, how do I deal with this computer issue I've got?


So it was a normal...

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