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Writing an E-Book

Posted On: 2006-11-21

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You've tuned in to another installment of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast. Always chock full of simple, effective and affordable small business marketing tips, tactics, and strategies. And now here's your host, America's most practical small business marketing expert, John Jantsch.

Hello, and welcome to another edition of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast. This is your host John Jantsch. My guest today is Glenn Dietzel, the author of "Awaken the Author Within, a definitive guide to e-Book Authoring," and some other exciting things that Glenn's going to talk about as well. So, welcome Glenn, thanks for joining me.

Thanks, John, I really look forward to talking to you today, and I commend each of your listeners today who have taken the time to listen to your podcast, and I'm really looking forward to giving them some great content from which to move forward in their own life.

Well, thank you, and that's a great segue for a point I like to make and don't make enough. And that's yes, this is great content. Glenn is going to tell you some things that you really should do, but nothing will change unless you do them. So, also listen and take action. Glenn, I remember in a conversation that we had before, that you are a, and correct me if I'm wrong, I know you are a teacher, but I don't know if that's former, but, who really found e-books and some of the things we're going to talk about as a way to really expand the knowledge and teach. So, can you tell me a little bit about how you got started in this business?

Sure, John. We go back about five and a half years ago. I was a dissatisfied vice principal of an elementary school, the youngest vice principal with our school board. Everybody had, you know, the dream for Glenn Dietzel being slated as the next superintendent, director of education, all that kind of stuff. I won all kinds of educational awards, teaching awards, etc. And what I really found out, John, was that through a real series of self reflection, time that I went through, a self-reflective time that I went through, and it was basically my wife kicking me out of the house and sending me to California for a week to take a week off before I started a Ph.D. program, and no offense to anybody who's going through a Ph.D. program but I was really steeped in this mentality that getting more degrees, I had at that time I had four degrees, two post graduate degrees, that getting more degrees was the answer for me to really truly you know, doing what I wanted to be doing in life, and getting what I wanted in life, and because of my dear wife kicking me out of the house, I armed myself with a few books from Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad series, and realized that I'm going about everything the wrong way. You know, Rich Dad Poor Dad, he's got a paradigm there of his rich dad, which was his uneducated, quote unquote, uneducated formally uneducated father of his best friend, versus the paradigm of his poor dad, which was his biological father who happened to be a director of education in Hawaii. Something where, I saw myself going, I saw myself fitting very much into that paradigm where, you know, I loved education, but I wasn't supporting me, it definitely wasn't supporting my family, and with my wife being from Scotland and all, our family over there, you now, having to travel to Scotland and England all the time was just killing my budget. So I realized I have to learn a new paradigm...

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