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Business Franchise Review

Day in and day out we all are bombarded with the numerous business options. Have you not heard of the get rich over the night business franchises and the multi level marketing offers? I am sure you have, because we cannot get free from the clutches of all these offers even if we wish to.

Keeping in mind the fact that the businesses are any way trying to sell themselves to us, we could do with some business franchise review. So where do we start from? The most common business field we all are being cajoled to enter is the MLM or the multi level marketing. We meet friends and family daily who want to promote the business of MLM to us and want us to join as their down line.

There are possibly many loop holes in this kind of business. The MLM deals with a franchise business which needs to be continued through down lines or subsequent additions to the number of the marketing people. Then there are auto ship features which mean that a certain amount of purchase needs to be maintained every month to keep the membership going on. The MLM members need at least thousands of down lines or juniors in the line of the members to get a decent amount which can truly qualify as an income meant to cover all expenses of a comfortable life. The modes of advertising are still primal, to say the least, with reluctance of this multi level marketing to allow any kind of mass propaganda. They tend to base the business on word of mouth or person to person propaganda. The miniscule amounts of pay checks received by the MLM members leave one wondering as to the reason for these people to stick to this kind of business.

The only good point seems to be the amount of self development or personality development the MLM seems to harp on. The MLM industry seems to be bent on molding leaders out of every member well that could not be called as a bad thing. More over there seems to be the backing and encouragement given by big wigs like the former President Bill Clinton, Donald Trump etc. the products sold by these MLM are usually good and without any complaints, and because of being every day use stuff, may have constant demand. So enter at your own risk, seems to be the final impression.

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