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Hurricane Katrina Student Financial Aid

Posted On: 2005-09-02Length: 29:28

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Good morning it is September 2, 2005 it is Friday. Dad if you are listening Happy Birthday. Alright, let's get to some important stuff today. We have a lot to talk about. It will be a fairly long show so lets get started. First with the hurricane donor update, yesterday was an awesome day for the hurricane donors. I am really really proud of you guys $2,794 collected as promised lets everyone that hit 25 dollars or above: Glen Davison $100, Nikita Shoder $30, Anonymous $550, Tam Miller $25, Sandy Tibido $50, my wife and I donated $50, Tammy Pitrefesa $100, Sandy Garcia $50, Anonymous $125, Kathleen Asift $100, Anonymous $125, Brianna Onteria $25, Anonymous $50, Kath Campbell $100, anonymous $100, Brandy Frud $200, Anne Marie Strass $100, Natalie Mar $100, anonymous $50, Angela Macalseao$100, Fabbie Obdono $50, anonymous $75, another Anynomous $200, Lora Messer $42, Melissa Troth $50, Anonymous another$50, and Hedi Kacaskie $50. Thank you to everyone not just the people who donated $25 dollars or more, but to everyone who has donated. I said in the e-mail that every little bit helps, it really does help it adds up. We've put together so far about $4,287 which for a mailing list and pod cast that advertises largely to students, especially college students who do not have a lot of money to begin with. You guys have really opened up your hearts, your pockets and have been doing a great job. So thank you, keep it up spread the word so that people know. Donate to the Red Cross, donate to the Salvation Army I may play that promo a little later in the show you have a couple other option. Thank you very much. Let's get to the news.

News has finally been arriving for victims of the hurricane who are students, college students. A lot of the college students have been relocated temporarily to other colleges and institutions around the area. They may even have the option to take a semester at that college. The Department of Education has a announced that it will allow borrows with student loans who have been affected by the hurricane to extend their payment without penalty and grant waivers to affected colleges in terms of meeting, reporting, and other requirements required in financial aid. The department of education has committed, very publicly, I should add, that they want to make sure that the red tape of the bureaucracy don't get in the way of financial aid, get in the way of helping students continuing their education. If everything pans out as they hope it does hopefully they will everyone will come out with at least a solid education and with no issues when it comes to federal financial aid. If you are a college student that has been affected by this set of events and you are looking for information on what to do the best thing to do is to contact your schools financial aid office or if been transferred temporally to another school, I know centenary College of treehn has been sporting a lot of university students. Check with your host schools financial aid office for updates about the financial aid situation and how it pertains to you. Financial administrators are going to be the best resource for figuring what's going on about your financial aid and things. Please check in with those officials they will be the ones who can help best. If you have a situation that requires a little more immediate attentions when it comes to federal funding or financial aid, give the Department of Education a call directly. 1800-4FED-AID is the number to call, for the Department of Education. Just a bit of commentary on hurricane news and what's been going on in Washington, one thing that I do not understand this is certainly something that is worth keeping in mind especially as elections come up next year. Regardless of your party, regardless of your affiliation, regardless of your political views, the question I have to ask you this what in the world are you as a politician doing arguing with each other about how to tern a hurricane disaster into a political football for getting votes when you should be out there helping the people who presumably have elected you into office. There has been a lot of commentary on both sides of the isle. Republicans and Democrats about how the other side's mismanagement of the country the government whatever has in some way contributed to the effects of this disaster. It is a disaster. Disasters happen and people need help regardless of what party they belong to. If there are any politicians listing to this will you please shut up. Stop bickering and get your buts down to the gulf coast and start helping. The best thing you could do right know be another pair of hands on the ground or be on the television instead of sniping at your colleagues. Why don't you try raising some money for those that need the help? Its not a public service announcement just a gentle reminder to any politicians that might be subscribed to the podcast. Alright let's do some podsafe music.


That was Waste Another Night by My Little Radio by the pod safe music network at the podsafemusicnetwork.com. Incidentally I apologize, for yesterdays music show at the end one of the pieces that we played number 21 that had a tiny bit of profanity at the very end so if you were playing this with, as I was, with my kid. It wasn't anything that you wouldn't here say on the late night broadcast of something but still if you are trying to keep things family friendly and work safe like I do with the pod safe music a bit of an apology there. I will try to make sure not to may more of those from sneaking in. Let's move onto the scholarship update. Today's scholarship is the Hispanic scholarship fund. From the Hispanic Scholarship Foundation, celebrating 30 years of supporting hispanic higher education. The fund is now announcing they are taking applications for the college 2005/2006 academic year. Available to college students already enrolled for the current year. Both undergraduate and graduate students may apply. Applications for scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 are available on the HSF website the address is www.HSF.net. Students who do not have internet access who want to apply by phone can call 877-HSF-INFO, which is 877-473-4636. Great scholarship program there, helping a lot of people who might not otherwise qualify for some scholarships. The Hispanic Scholarship Foundation is today's scholarship update.

Time for a bit more podsafe music, this time from Jennifer Mathews with her song Brother.


Great new pod safe music there from Jennifer Mathews for the pod safe music network. What I want to do today is actually recap some of the information abut gas prices. A gas price watch. Because as you know I am sure you have seen it, driving down the road and things like that. Gas prices have gone through the roof and they do not show any signs of slowing down. Some economist point out that gas prices may hit as much as $4 gallon. Nationally on an average the prices are going back down because the refinery problems. If you haven't been keeping up, one of the side effects of the hurricane is that the refinery capacity in the United States is down by 12- 30%. Depending on whom you ask and who you talk to, with regards to how much gasoline we can produce. One thing that is pointed out is that with the refinery capacity down as far as it is, the what will happen is even if we get a lot of crude oil it can not be turned into anything useful there's no means of transforming it beyond the existing refinery capacity. Unfortunately you can not really build refineries very quickly because there are number of environmental obstacles. They are not particularly clean and sanitary things. They tend to actually have quite a bit of pollution output. That is the price you pay for gasoline. With that in mind let's go over a couple of additional things that you can do to save up on gas mileage. We covered some of them a couple weeks ago. We want to add two more things to the list. When it comes to driving, if you remember the way people used to live in the 70's, one thing they use to do is combine a lot of different errands, chores and things together that you would actually try to get as much done, basically, on one use of your car as possible. Hitting a bunch of different errands and thing like that. As you start to notice gas prices getting higher in your location it is probably a good idea if you go ahead and try to organize your trip logically organize your chores logically and try to get as much done as possible if you have to do grocery runs to or from your commute to work. That way you do not have to make an extra trip out. That will safe you some mileage. When you are commuting see if you can alter your commute time a little bit. Even if you do no get paid. Come in earlier if it means not sitting in traffic. Basically, burning gasoline for no particular reason. It maybe worth it to you. Especially if you drive long distances. The other thing I thought was worth pointing out is depending on your economic situation it may not make to sense for you to upgrade to a more fuel efficient car. Depending on what it brakes down to is you need to get some kind of idea of what high proficient cars like Toyota will cost. In the Boston area it is about $23,000 for a new one and about what you would be paying in terms of principle and interest on a car loan, assuming you would take out a car loan. Figure what you spend on gasoline right now. See what you would be spending on $4 a gallon or $5 a gallon of gasoline. See if the increase in the amount of gasoline that you use and price would be offset by buying a hybrid S car. What I found when I was doing my research because I drive a reasonably efficient car already and it is also a reasonably inexpensive car, it is a Honda Elantra. It is only in the $13's for the purchase price. Is that additional cost of purchasing a hybrid car would not be offset by saving some gasoline? In fact I would have to wait for gasoline to hit approximately$7 a gallon before the car would begin to pay for itself. That is something to keep in mind if you know what your cars gas mileage is and you know that you can squeeze a little more performance out of the gasoline that you use. You need to sit down with a spread sheet or something and figure out what the point in gas prices and sustain in gas prices would cause you to leave behind a car. Or trading it in and getting a more fuel efficient car. I can say for sure. If your car is really really inefficient if you drive a gigantic SUV or Hummer you are going to hit the barrier where trading to a fuel efficient car makes since, you should do it sooner than if you drive a small family sedan. Other tips we're going to do a short publication like the scholarship guide. What I will do as an extra incentive, if you have donated already to any of the charities and sent me an e-mail to finacialaid.gmail.com. You will get an advanced copy of the scholarship guide plus our energy and economy guide. I am going to try to get it out. We will have some time to get it out over the Labor Day weekend. Try to publish something. Maybe next week or maybe the week after. Certainly ahead of the winter season, which is where I think we will be seeing a lot of the energy pricing increases. Looking for different ways to optimize the economy of your house and your car. Anything that uses energy. If you have donated already and have e-mailed me at financialaidpodacst.gmail.com. You will get an advances copy. I will not even put it in the RHS feed. That's my way of thinking you for doing a good thing, donating to the hurricane relief. Look for that probably in the next couple of weeks. Lets finish up today's pod cast with just one more piece of pod safe music. I think we are going to do something local here. We will do Sorianna, The Difference. Again, from the pod safe music network.


Great new pod safe music there from Sorianna, The Difference, by the pod safe network. Ok guys, that is going to do it for today's show. Like I said hopefully over the Labor Day weekend I will get started on the Energy, Economy Guide. It will be focused both for students and students who have graduated and are responsible for the utilities. Every forecast we have seen is calling for a really really expensive winter time. Something to keep an eye on and something to be mindful of, when it comes to your purchases and how you spend your money. We are as much about saving your money at the financial aid loan network so you can get the most out of your dollar. If the gas price is draining all you disposable income there will not be any left for education. So it all ties together. Otherwise, I hope you have a great holiday weekend, if you are taking it as a holiday weekend. If your not, then I am sure we will talk to you next week. Monday will probably be just another music show, since we will all be out of the office. We will talk to you Tuesday for sure. Again keep donating, if you have not done so then do so. If you already have, please consider spreading the word to get them to donate as well. The palaces to donate to are 1800- HELP NOW that is The Red Cross. There is also 1-800-SAL-ARMY, the Salvation Army and any number of other sites. Lets go ahead and play that promo now and we will be done.

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Donation is a really good thing and to involve in such things is also another good activity. I am a social worker and on the very small scale, we run an NGO who helps the women who are a housewife and want to earn money to stay at homes. Charity begins at home this is really famous saying so do little things which you can for the noble cause.

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Donation is a virtually top thing and to contain in such matters is also another desirable hobby. i'm a social employee and on the very small scale, we run an NGO who allows the girls who're a housewife and want to earn money to live at houses. Charity starts offevolved at home this is absolutely famous pronouncing so do little things which you may for the noble reason.

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