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Avoiding Debt After Marriage

Posted On: 2005-10-07Length: 16:42

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Hi this is Joan and this is episode #4 of The Prosperity Show. Thanks for tuning in. It's really nice to see that many more people are starting to tune in. Our main site is prosperityplace.com where you can find lots of free information about how to improve your relationship with money and yourself. And a few weeks ago I had sent out a message to our prosperity tips mailing list, and suggested that people call our voice mail and leave some information about their financial situation and saying that I would do a little money reading and to show what the financial situation means in terms of how it was created through thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. What can be done about it, both internally and externally. And that I would do that on the podcast, and so today I'm going to use one of them, and we'll do this from time to time, and so you can see in practice some of the things that I talked about in the previous shows. We did talk about what money is and that it's really basically an energy of relationship and how you deal with money, is how you deal with your relationship with yourself and others. We talked about how you create your financial situation with your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. And we also talked about the identity factor, which is the internal mechanism that will keep you from changing significantly. And so today what I'd like to do, it's going to take about a minute, I'm going to play this cut from Tricia, who called in.

My name is Tricia, and I'm 41 years old calling from Nashville, Tennessee. I am stuck. I was not in debt until I met my husband seven years ago. And now we are, or I am personally in debt more than my yearly salary. It's something I hate, and I've always been doing side businesses to try to find the real thing for me. I do everything I'm supposed to do, whether it's like a multi-level marketing or real estate, and I never can make them successful. I input everything I'm supposed to, yet the success does not happen. I can help other people, but I can't have anything work for me. And I don't understand what is blocking me. I'm overweight, I've gained 50-60 pounds since I've been married, and I can't make myself lose the weight. I'm just very stuck and very frustrated. If I wasn't trying, that's one thing. But I try and try and try, and it doesn't work.

You can see from what Tricia has had to say that she has trouble making life work for her and in the parts that I edited out, she said over and over again, I try and I try and it just doesn't work for me. She mentioned that she tried a lot of alternative therapies and various methods of healing and learning about different prosperity things, but nothing works. And so why would this...

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