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Christmas and Business

Posted On: 2005-12-22Length: 21:39

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Hello lucky ones, and welcome to our fabulous Christmas extravaganza. I'm joined as always, with Lee, the strong man.

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays.

Dr. Andy.

Happy Holidays.

We've got Paul the Sanneman.

Ho, ho, ho. It's Christmas time!

And we're joined by not one, but two special guests today/ We have Steve and the Swami, Beon Denonda, I think.

Yes, that's right. That's good. Very well pronounced.

I'm thinking.

So, ok. So tonight it's Christmas, right. So I guess Christmas is about buying stuff. Is that what Christmas is about?

Christmas consumerism?

That's right. You know, Christmas was started by the capitalist society in order to make us buy a lot of stuff.

Actually, it was started by the Christian church to get the pagans to celebrate their holidays instead of their own.

Actually, it was created by a Roman emperor, Constantine who created the Christian church to do what you said.

Right. So,

Actually, it was created by Jewish guys so they could make a lot of money at Christmas season.

I like that one best. That's right.

Well the Christians are doing pretty good, too, on this season. So, let's celebrate the winter solstice, right, which is what Christmas is all about, which is the


Shortest day of the year.

It's about five foot four.

Very short day. So, ok, tonight is our special Christmas show, and we have with us a very spiritual leader. This person has been leading, you know, lots of people for lots of years. So, I would like to introduce our special guest tonight, the most spiritual person I know, Swami Beon DeNonda.

Thank you for that inaccurate introduction. Actually, I don't have any followers.

You don't?

No. I get paranoid when I think I'm being followed.

I see, I see.

They block the exits, all those followers. You've got to watch out for them.

Ok. So. Swami, since you are a, I guess an involved spiritual being, on the spiritual path, can you do something for our listeners out there to, you know, get them in the Christmas spirit, help them celebrate

Who else would you ask but the Swami to do that?

That's right. I'd ask Santa Claus, but he's not here.

Ok. Well, actually, there's a couple of spirits of Christmas. Of course as you mentioned earlier, there's the commercial spirit of Christmas, and it's not, and the purpose of not, of Christmas is not to buy, it is to sell things to people, that is the purpose of Christmas.

That's the purpose of Christmas. I see.

That is the purpose of Christmas. As it has evolved. But I think if we, you know, the Ten Commandments, think about the Ten Commandments, that's a lot of commandments.

It's a lot of commandments.

I think we should

They haven't got by "thou shalt not kill," they're still working on that one.

No, no, they're still. Well actually what's happening is we have a commander in chief, you know what I'm saying, who saying he's second in command to the top commander.

I see.

And at the same time,

You mean Dick Cheney, right?

Yes, exactly.

Well, the thou shalt not kill one doesn't apply to him, I'm sure. Go ahead.

Well, that's right. Especially those pesky commandments on killing, stealing and false witness.

I see.

Very pesky.

He's above the law.

But actually I think that we need, maybe not ten commandments, we need one suggestion. One suggestion. Ok. How about this one? One suggestion. Let the golden rule overrule the rule of gold.

That's a good suggestion...

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