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Retirement Investing and Taxes Advice

Posted On: 2007-01-10

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It's Brian Preston, the Money Guy, restoring order to your financial chaos. Retirement, investing, taxes. You've got financial questions, he's got financial answers. It's Brian Preston, the Money Guy.

January 10, 2007 we're back! I know I've missed you guys. It's been over a month now since we did the last podcast, and we've had a lot go on. I hope everybody had a great holiday season, a good Christmas and they're back and refreshed and a have all those New Year's resolutions working for them. On that token, let me tell you that note about what we're doing today. We are actually going to talk about what to learn from 2006 and how we can apply that to 2007 to make money. We are going to do some pontificating about what's going to happen in 2007 with the economy, as well as your investment assets. But then we're also going to get into how each of the asset classes did last year, because I think there's a lot to learn from what happened in 2006.

Before we go into the financial chaos topic, because remember, the whole purpose of the Money Guy podcast for all the new listeners that have jumped on and got brand new iPods for Christmas, is that we are here to restore order to your financial chaos. We are into our second year, that is right, we are past our first year anniversary of doing the podcast show. It has been extremely more successful than I ever could have realized, and I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing these topics in financial, financial chaos topics to you to better your financial life to help you make better decisions. Cause remember, the best type of client and investment person, is a person that's educated and understands what all their options are. And that's what we're here to do for you.

I wanted to get into before we got into the financial chaos topic, everybody's probably got New Year's resolutions. And one of the things that I bought for my wife for Christmas, because I bought her, I have the iPod video that I've had now for you know over a year and I've really loved the thing. It's become really one of my best tools and life changing events things, because what it has done, next to Netflix, and PayTrust and my bill pay services, my iPod goes with me everywhere. When I get in the car, I have, you know, in my car I have a CD changer built into the dash. I have never used the CD changer, because, since I have an iPod, why would I want a six-disc CD changer when I literally have thousands and thousands of songs tied right into my iPod. So it's changed my life. So I wanted my wife to jump in to this new revolution and get into the iPod generation. So I bought her one of those bright pink second-generation iPod nanos. She loves it, and I also got her to go with it, because I'm a gadget guy and I think she would have had no desire to buy this, but I couldn't help myself. I bought her one of those Nike iPod sports kits, and I have put this thing to use. I love this thing, because me and my wife are able to share her iPod nano, because unfortunately these things...

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