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Advice For the Entrepreneur

Posted On: 2006-11-23Length: 24:07

Listen to this podcast

Hello lucky ones. Welcome back to another exciting episode of Business Success Tips. I'm joined with Lee.


And Paul.

Hi there.

And Tim's still here. He doesn't have a microphone, though.

That's right.

But he is here.

Hi Tim.

Trust me, I know.

So what's the topic, Lee? I'm going to let you lead this one off?

Now what a minute.

For about a minute, and then I'm taking over.

Wait a minute. Oh, oh, I know. This is our guilt and worry show.

That's right. Guilt and worry. I feel so terrible. Oh man, I'm worried about the show, I worried about this show all afternoon that it's just not going to come off right at all.

That's right. And I feel guilty about how crummy the last show was.

You should. That was a really bad show. It had no energy behind it.

I felt guilty about this show for months.

Yeah, actually, ever since we've started I have felt kind of guilty and worried about what's going to happen.

Ever since I sobered up,

That's right. Well, JC was saying about our consulting, you know, some reason some people pay us 500 bucks to just have lunch with them, and JC goes, what if they find out it's just like this whole big, "oops," I mean, you know.

What do you mean? What if they find out you're wrong?

Oh, we've been wrong.

Oh hear that, everybody?

It's sort of like,

That's right.

Are your clients listening?

Well, I know one client listens for sure. I hear that worry, or whatever that I'm not actually doing anything important, I don't touch the stuff, I just go out and have lunch with people and we eat and most of it, actually, our meetings are in restaurants, aren't they, JC?

Well now wait. So do you worry about that?



Maybe you shouldn't be saying this on the show.

I want to hear more about this.

No, I mean. I'm worried that I'm, you know, people, I go out, have lunch with a friend of mine, and we you know, sit down in a noisy restaurant and I get paid 500 bucks.

Do you feel guilty about taking that much money?


This is going to be a good show.

Oh boy, I like this. Now we're talking.

How does that make you feel?

Well, I, you know, I really wonder if I'm actually helping the person or not, then I'm afraid they're going to make a mistake with bad advice.

But that's, but if you wonder about whether you're effective or not, that's not a worry, or a guilt, in particular, I don't think. I mean, worry is, worry is concern about the future and guilt is concern about the past, right?


And so, you can't live in the now if you're doing worry and guilt. You're not living in the moment at all, you're somewhere else altogether.

Right. A present is a present because it's a present.

There, oh boy. Oh man. Yeah, so. But the bottom line to worry and guilt is that they're not about the moment, so they have no value in your life. And if you spend a great deal of your time worrying, or feeling guilty, then you're wasting your life.

Well some people felt that if they wouldn't worry they wouldn't' plan for the possible catastrophes that would happen, and then the catastrophes would happen.

But that's planning, not worrying. It's great to plan, there's nothing wrong with planning.

No, but some people

There's also nothing wrong with reflecting on your past to make better decisions in the future.

That's a very fine line between reflecting and guilt, and planning and worry.

No it's not. Not at all. Aw, come on! Guilt, guilt is when you're feeling really bad about something you might have done in the past.

Well doesn't guilt cause people to do good, they feel so guilty about it, I mean, if you're for example a president, I won't mention the name, and you send a bunch of people over to die for no particular reason and that makes some money, and it didn't even work well...

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