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Always Look for More Business

Posted On: 2006-06-02Length: 22:39

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It's businesssssss successssssssss tips.

Whoo hoo.

With Lee and Andy, who's not here.

He's in bed.

And Paul's still here.

Yes, it's true.

And I'm still here.

Yes, we're all still here, except Andy. Poor Andy.

With a stapled gut. Oh well.

Yeah, we really miss him. He's out for the count. He'll be back next week.

That's true.

We promise.

So, I decided this podcast should be about a day in the life of a consultant sort of thing. Like, what advice do we actually give people during the day. I mean, what do people pay us ridiculous amounts of money, I mean, I actually get 500 bucks an

I played golf today.

That's true, you played golf.

Consultants play a lot of golf.

That's true.

It depends on the consultant.

You don't get to play golf in your line of consulting, Lee?

In my line of consulting, golf would not accomplish the goal, no.

You look a little pale, Lee, you need to get out in the sunshine.

However, dinner in a Mexican restaurant with margaritas accomplished a lot tonight, so that works.

There we go.

We need to combine the two. Golf and margaritas.

I was with one of my favorite clients, so that was good.

So I'll tell you about my client little meetings today. JC and I had, and we can go on to yours. How about that?

Did you get to have margaritas?

Uh, no I didn't. We played golf.

Oh, ok. Well that sounds just fine.

So, the first meeting started right at seven o'clock this morning, and it was with a plumbing company.

I know, you woke me up when you were leaving. I did.

I actually have a complaint.

OK fine.

Just so our audience knows, on Tuesdays and Thursday nights, or Tuesday and Wednesday nights, every other week, Paul and JC stay with me, at Lee's house.

We come out from our ranch in the country.

Yeah, they come out from the ranch in the country and they stay in the big city with Lee. And they're very, very, umm, what's the word I trying to say? Accommodating in the morning. They don't flush the toilets so they don't wake me up. So when I get up to pee, there's pee in the toilet. So guys, it's OK if you flush the toilet. However, it's going down the stairs loudly that really gets to me.

Just so you know, that's always him.

That's how my day starts,

We'll flush the toilet and walk softly.

There you go.

I leave my shoes downstairs and I piss in the shower.

Ohhhh, I didn't need to hear that.

Don't you feel better?

Oh no. Well why, you shower right after he does, right?

That's true. Well, it washes down the drain.

Ok. So that's how our day started

And then we move on.

I'm all about honesty.

Ok, so we drive in our little car,

I drive,

You drive.

You sleep.

I sleep.

Oh geez.

The first meeting is at seven o'clock in the morning with a plumbing company. And this little,

He talks, I sleep.

And the plumbing company, little company, about three million.

We already talked about plumbing.

Excuse me. And so their issues are, like a lot of little companies, is they either don't have enough guys to do the work, i.e., plumbers, or they don't have enough work to keep the guys busy.

They need more Mario's and Luigi's.

So they're always going between, well I really can't keep the guys busy, and secondly, I have so much work that I haven't got enough plumbers.

So, are they making money, or no?

Well now they are. And the key to this, is, I tell them, always recruit, recruit, recruit. And you should actually build a database of plumbers. They have these, last 15 years they've gone through all these plumbers. Do they keep their names, no. Do they keep track of them, no. Do they have a database they can work from...

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