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Balancing Work and Play For Entreprenuers

Posted On: 2005-12-13
Length: 19:33

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, we're back once again. This is our 22nd show. We're proud to still be here. All you listeners, you got to hang in there. We're doing some good things here. To my left I've got the Lee strong man.


I've got Dr. Andy to my right.

Hi there!

And once again, the consultant man, Mr. Paul Sanneman, is staring me down.

How you doing. That's true.

And we actually have a special

He has his girlfriend on his lap this time. This is good. The new show.

We actually have a special guest today.

We do.

We've got Chris, a good friend of mine.

We're going to have the chick on the next show, am I right.

Yeah, yeah. But yeah, you've got to wait for that one.


But yeah, we've got Christopher here.

Hey Chris.

How's it going guys?

Pretty good.

Glad to be here tonight. Good to see how you guys act and behave.

That's right. That's right. We're having a good time.

So, what's our topic for today?

We act? Are we acting?

Our topic tonight, our topic tonight is the difference between work and play, and how most people don't get it right.

What's this thing I happened to hear about the plerk?

The plerk. That's right. Well, you know, I was in Hawaii, and I was listening to this seminar, and we were talking about work and play, and I have this theory that what happens, the great, you know what you call the good versus evil, the great downfall of mankind, happened in the industrial revolution when they separated work versus play.

That was the downfall?

That was the downfall. It used to be, people just, I mean go to aborigine and say hey man, what do you do on the weekends?

Well, they survive.

They danka.

Well no, they just do their life. Right?

Yeah, they hang out and drink coconut juice every day, right?

They just say

I'm pretty sure there's no coconuts in Australia.

Just juice.

That's right. So what happens is they just do their life. They never had a separation of work and play. With the industrial revolution, they had to give people like work,

You mean they like having to go gather ants to eat?

I don't think they ate ants? I think

Didn't you see the movie, what was the name of that movie,

They eat snakes.

Where the bottle fell from wherever, you know, what was the name of that movie? Where the aborigine

What color is your,

No, no. God must be

Gods must be crazy.

That was a good movie.

Yeah, that's a good movie.

So what happens is, the aborigine

It's just a movie.

Bullshit. It's a documentary. It's what,

All movies are documentaries to you.

That's what happens when you introduce coconuts to the aborigine society.

Beauty and the Beast was a documentary.

All right. Ok.

Come on. We're having fun here.

Wait. You mean that candlestick really didn't talk?

I see a big nose on you.

Ok. I think he had too many margaritas tonight. So, anyway, what happens is, I think when they separated work and play, then people like go to work, and then they do something for you know, 40 hours or something, generally they don't like in most cases. For money to go play on the weekends. Which is really stupid in my opinion. And that's like a bad way to live life. And then you do that for like years and years and years, and then you get to take off, your weekends.

So the assumption is you hate your work and you love your vacations. Right?

I saying, a lot of people in this country, I don't know the statistics. 62.8%. I have no clue.

Oh, that's pretty specific.

That's right. A lot of people in this country don't love what they do. They do it for money so they can get the money to do what they want on the weekends and they could retire,

I don't think any...

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