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Being a Consultant

Posted On: 2005-10-14Length: 21:06

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, we're back here with Day Ocho of the Business Reality show. I'm here with the Lee, the strong man.

Yo, how's it going?

I've got Dr. Andy.


And now I'm going to turn it over to my main man, the Paul man, the Santa man. Mr. Paul Santa.

Thank you very much. You know, first we got to get Lee to stop working while he's doing this podcast.

I'm not working. I'm looking at our success numbers on our website.

Ok. For all you 20 listeners out there,

And I think it was 19 last I checked.

We thought it was three.

Number 20 if you're out there, come on down.

Hey, now this reminds me, hey, if you're one of our hot 20 listeners, tell your friends.

And e-mail us so we feel good about ourselves.

That's true. That's true. This is a, we're doing this for

What's our e-mail again?

Our e-mail address is scs@sonic.net.

Love to hear from you people.

That's right. That's right. He's got some new sound effects. You know, Dr. Andy is

No, that's not sound effects, there's really a group of people out there.

Is there? Yeah, they believe that, right.

I hope they're hot.

Ok. Our subject for this evening, we went out and had a couple beers, in fact I can't, I had a,

You can't drink.

I can't drink. Oh my. This is my first sober podcast.

I drank all his beers for him.

This is my very first sober podcast.

We're only 50% intoxicated.

That's right. And Lee. He hasn't had any beers, either.

I had gingerale.

I know.

That only counts in Canada.

That's right.

The sugar's pretty tough there.

So, you've got, you've got to tell who's sober and who's not in this podcast. So, our 20 listeners, tell your friends, e-mail us, we really love you guys. We're going to talk about being a consultant. I've been a consultant for 23 years, I believe. I mean I've never had a real job that I can remember.

Year and a half myself.

See. And Lee, how long have you been a consultant?

Oh, 20 years.

20 years. And I, all my friends, I turned into consultants. You know, they all had real jobs, but I turned them into consultants. Now, Andy is one of the hold outs. I tried to turn him into a consultant, but he failed.

I'm not a consultant yet.

You failed as a consultant.

And that's not the first time.

That's not the first time you failed as a consultant?

No, it's not.

Let me explain what, Andy, I had a couple clients. And my normal deal is I meet people, you know, I used to meet them once a week, and now I do like twice a month, and I charge them so much money, and we have these conversations.

That was my idea.

That's true. And through the power of conversation, and I usually talk about whatever sort of shows up on the universe, we get people to change. So I gave two clients to Andy. One guy, is a wholesale distributor of stuff, and the other guy manufacturers stuff. They had a need, Andy had the expertise.

Actually there were three clients, so I dropped the ball on.

That's right, you blew the other one too, I mean you messed up.

What a line.

Not a complete failure, not yet.

Ok. So you bombed on all three. You certainly did. Now I gave you these people. They were good clients, they had the need, they had the money, and you dropped the ball, man. Why?


Well, maybe Andy needed to earn the clients. Sometimes if you have to go get them.


No, bullshit. No, no, no, no, no.

My belief is that I had a, something yanking my attention to other places, and I lost what I feel is my

That's a...

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