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Build Your Business Relationships

Posted On: 2006-09-28
Length: 32:16

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Hello lucky ones. We're back at Business Success Tips. We have Andy, Paul, and Lee as usual.

You just crack me up, kid. I'll tell you.

Well, speaking of cracking up. I just have to let all our lucky viewers out there and listeners know.

Yeah, not to mention viewers.

Those that can see us are really in trouble.

Hey, some people have the power.

It's good stuff, man.

They have the power.

We're all viewers.

I just want to let everyone know,


OK. JC has big announcement

That my birthday is coming up October 9th.

What do you want for your birthday?

I want all our viewers to send me presents and cards and lovely things like that.

Wrong. From, let's say, real estate, dad, I want real estate.

And what are you doing in return for these gratuities that all these people are going to send you?

If people would like to send me something nice for my birthday, I am going to send back lovely thank you cards with autographed pictures of myself.

With your tattoos and everything?

Well, they'd have to be in the picture, because I not going

Lee, I think he's serious.

I think don't want an autographed photo.

Now JC is going to be how old?

As old as you want me to be.

No, come on. He's going to be 26 years old.

Yes 26. That's what she said.

So 26 years old, tattooed and all, and he'll send you a photograph if you send him some kind of gratuitous something.

Yes, and you can send gratuitous somethings to


I don't know. What's the address?

P.O. Box 36, Jenner, California, 95450. That's PO Box 36, Jenner, California, 95450.



This is just ridiculous.

To JC Sanneman.

I object.


You would. You just didn't think of it first.

Why are you standing up? Lee is now standing up. Why are you standing up?

I think he's standing up because he has to go to the bathroom.

This is because I just went.

I'm so excited, I didn't need to know that, but that's ok.

TMI. Too much information.

Well, at his age he's pretty much going all the time.

That's right. But he isn't wearing diapers yet. Nobody's on diapers yet, it's ok. Go ahead.

It depends.

It does. It certainly does. Ok.

Whoaa. Ok. Obviously we have no guests.

We could get Depends as a sponsor.

Why is it when we have no guests we act like this?

The guests keep us in line.

The guests keep us in line.

I think it bores us.

I think we'd scare the guest away.

That's true. OK. So go ahead. So you're standing up for some reason. Why?

Well, we're going to have, we're going to get excited.

I'm excited. Hallelujah.

Now what kind of excited are you referring to? And around four guys, no offense, I'm not going to get that excited.

Here's the excitement.

I'm could think, a breeze excites you.

Depends on who's blowing.

Ohh boy! Well, at least our shows are somewhat varied. I think that's kind of important.

That's true. We go from the really boring to the not so boring.

It's not all the same old crap. All right. Here's the thing. Here's what we're going to talk about tonight, and this is in regards to business. This is how you as a business owner can get along...

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