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Business Basics

Posted On: 2006-08-17
Length: 31:19

Listen to this podcast

You guys are rude. I'm out of here. This show sucks. This was Business Success Tips. I wish I could work with professionals, but evidently. I want a new contract. I'm holding out for more money.

We told you we'd double your salary when we got money.

Double the salary. No problem.

So, who is this? What show is this?

This is number 66, Lee.

None of our f-ing business. That's what it is.

We're off to a good start tonight.

That's right.

Yeah, it's show number 66 of Business Success Tips.

That's right.

Say that 20 times fast.

And who's here to join us?

Why don't you tell me Mr. Look at me like I'm supposed to

You're the one that always gets upset when somebody interrupts.

I've already been interrupted tonight.

I'm not going to interrupt you.

I'm not doing it properly until I get a new contract.

Fine. We'll get you a contract.

In the spirit of football season opening, I'm holding out until I get a new contract.

I'm going to hold you out, all right.

That's right. Not in front of me, you're not.

All right. I'll do the intro. Welcome to Business, play the, let's do the theme again.

We'll do the music again. Here we go.

The second time we'll do it over again.

Usually I don't talk through that part.

Shut up. Welcome to Business Success Tips.

I'm getting fart slappy.

Will you stop interrupting?

Yeah, see. Now it's not so easy when you

With your hosts, Lee, and tonight we're joined by Paul,

Thank you.


Hi there.

And JC.

You wonder why this show doesn't work when I'm not here.

JC, I want a new contract.

Huh. I'm not playing for the old salary, man.

That's right. It's your middle name.

That was last year. I put up all good stats, and I want new money.

Well, for our business idea of the day, we're going to have, you know like they have stock cars, they have stock cars, and they have souped up hot cars.

And they have go-karts.

And in Europe they have LeMans.

They have little tiny go-karts.

I get the full thrill of racing. At half the cost.

He was beat by eight-year-olds.

Ok. So what. They had more practice than me. They had more practice than me. So anyhow, if we have stock cars, super modified, blah, blah on the drag. So we're going to have people, and then we're going to have the regular standard human being with no drugs, not a hep up, no nothing.

Is this we're talking,

This is the business idea for the day. And then the next league is going to be modified. She-males, you know,

This is not going to fly.

I can already see that this is the going to be the worst

Various human beings that have been modified in certain ways, sometimes to decrease or increase performance. And then you're going to have like the superstar class, you know that has like,

That'd be me.

Hee can have steroids, cocaine, PC

This is like a Monty Python episode.

Any drugs you want, as long as you can...

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