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Business Conciousness

Posted On: 2006-03-23Length: 22:54

Listen to this podcast

From the studios of Netcast Central, it's Business Success Tips with your host, Paul.

Thank you.


Hey there.


Whoo hoo.

We also have Steve.

Hi there.

And myself, Tara, and uh, Ben is in route somewhere.

Yeah, we've got somebody driving around in a car, but we can't hear him.

We're doing, this is a technology testing kind of podcast, right?

That's right.

And, we're seeing how the technology is actually going to work. And also it's my birthday, so everybody be nice to me today.

Well I wasn't going to tell anyone it was your birthday.


Jesus Christ. So loud.

It is my birthday, what can I say.

Paul, you're at my house. Be careful.

I am at your house.

Paul's all by himself.

I'm all by myself.

With a little laptop.

Paul's at Lee's house.

Just me and my laptop, the future of relationships.

Steve, you're at your house, right Steve?

I am in my house.

Andy and I are here in the studio, along with JC and Tara. So, there's six of us and we're spread around.

We're all over the county.

Now the way this is supposed to work, you know, I could be in Thailand, and you know, Steve could be in wherever.

You could be in Bangkok, too.

Could be in Utah, way up in Utah. Tara where would you like to be?

I'll take Mexico, thanks.

Right now?


So the idea is we can all be in different places, and this is still working.

I'd like to be right here with you lovely people.

Good answer.

Good answer.

Lee's all stretched out on the couch.

Yeah, I've got my feet up on the couch, and I got a beer in my right hand.

And JC, keep your hands off Tara, you know I can't see it, because I'm

Hey, how's the sound effects to you guys?

Come on, crickets? Give me a break.

I liked it.

That's because it's a boring podcast. It's putting us all to sleep.

I like the screaming better.

It is boring.

Ok, so.

So you had a topic tonight, didn't you?

I have a topic tonight. The topic tonight is consciousness and business and attitude and that kind of stuff.

Well wait a minute.


Will you shut with the screaming shit?

That's not even a good sound effect.

Don't do that sound effect again.

All our users out there, probably tore their headphone out because ow!

They're going, what the hell is that?

It's actually louder for us because

We figured they needed some consciousness, unlike Paul who's had two Long Island iced teas.

Excuse me, it's my birthday.

Yeah, you deserve it, right?

Happy birthday Paul.

Happy birthday Paul.

Thank you thank you.

Paul, when are you going to quit your job?

I already, I never had a real job anyways, so it's hard to quit. I don't think I've had a real job in my life, so

Let's stay on target people, he'll just ramble.

I was a college counselor,

You called that one.

OK. Consciousness. Stay on target.

Ok, here's the deal.

Ok, who's conscious here?

Ok, we're all conscious. The issue we're going to talk about today, or tonight, is that I think the most important thing in business is the consciousness or attitude of the owner of the business. Their attitude is the most important asset any business has got. And I believe that most behavior, like 99%, is subconscious. I mean, all those people out there in netcast land, look at your finger and bend it. Do you have any idea how you do it? Not a clue. It's all done by your subconscious. And so what happens, is in business, the same kind of thing, you know some people attract really bad...

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