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Business Insurance

Posted On: 2006-09-21
Length: 33:12

Listen to this podcast

We're here with the show they call Business Success Tips. Yet again.

Yes we are. Yes we are.

Andy just can't wait to talk.

He can't wait for the intro. Neither can I.

Lee's there.

Paul how about you?

I'm here. I'm here.

All right. They're all still here, I can't get rid of them.

We have a guest on Skype, right Paul?

We do, we do. Well first tonight, we downloaded over 40,000 shows, or whatever it was this week.

We did?

We did.

All at the same time?

Well we have one real fan out there who downloads 600 a day, he's really a fan.

Thank you, thank you.

No, that's good. And this is show number what? 70 something

I think this is 71.

Seventy-one shows. Hallelujah.

That's more shows than Twit.

That's right.

We're ahead of Twit.

Yeah, they just did 69.

Let's celebrate by having all our listeners send me $100.

That's right. That sounds like a good thing. We just send the girls, that's ok. We have had no girl call-ins for a long time. Have you noticed that?

I wonder why.

We had one and it was really cool and then they,

I think you scared them off.

No more. Oh well. So for all the men listening to this show, because the women don't usually listen to this show, that's ok.

Let's ask for a female voice mail.

Yes, a female voice mail would be nice. Send to scs@sonic.net. Be a good thing. So, tonight we have a special guest appearance. Skypeing in from Arizona. He's a client of mine. A current client, we've had some past clients, but he's a current client. His name is Don Berry, and he has a very boring subject, but he can make it interesting. His expertise in life is insurance. And you can go to his website, which is, I think its ICRS.biz, and tell you all about what he does. So Don, how you doing this evening?

I'm doing just fine, Paul.

So Don, where are you located?

I'm in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

And where is Sierra Vista, Arizona?

It's about 30 minutes north of the Mexican border, southeast of Tucson, about a 90 minute drive.

Ok. So when you said the weather was perfect down there today, right?

Yep, at 4600 feet we enjoy marvelous weather here, unlike Tucson or Phoenix.

I didn't know the mountains were that tall in Arizona, son of a gun.

Yeah, it kind of gradually

High desert.

Climbs up a


So, Don we're going to have a little bit of your history here, ok. This show's all about quitting your job and doing your own business and having a good time and all that kind of stuff. So Don, give me your history. So you've been in business how long, as a business person?

I have, since I was about 20 years old, I've been living by my wits.

And you're older than that now.

And I'm 50 already.

So you've spent 30 years in survival in your own businesses, is that right?

That's correct.


And sometimes I have actually been surprisingly successful, making more than I was spending, and other times I was making less than I was spending, and eventually you just kind of get numb to the pressure

It all evens out.

I do have some rules that I live by that keep me functioning.

What are those, Don, what are the rules you live by, maybe you could give some advice for our listeners.

Rule number one: never run out of money.

I like that rule, it's a good rule.

It works for me.

It's like blood, if you run out of it...

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