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Business Success Tips

Posted On: 2006-01-26
Length: 23:14

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That is right, ladies and gentlemen. I'm back in the his house and we are in our studios here at Netcast Central, and we are the Business Success tips. We've got Andy.

Here I am.

Dr. Andy.

Doctor, indeed. We've got Lee.

You bet I'm here.

AKA Strong man.


And the man that is the glue that binds us,

Oooh, gluey. Sounds like underwear. Ohh yuck.

Never mind, but he has to be here because he pays the rent. No we all pay a little. Paul.

All right, Let's hear it.


We're back in the beer.

There you go.

So the fearsome foursome is back with no interruptions from other people.

That's right. Those guests can get really annoying, you know?

Yes, but they pay the bill.

They do. Well, eventually, that's true. OK So, we can talk about some things today. I can talk about some experiences I've had in business.

I think first of all, we've got a little e-mail from one of our lucky viewers, or listeners I should say.

We actually got quite a bit of e-mail.

Well, one of them in particular was asking like, who we are, and you know. We've never really done that you, know, we've done about 30 something of these shows, and we really haven't given, so I say we do like a little

Do we have to talk about arrest records?

Actually, I'm hoping not.

I didn't spend that long in prison.

Do we have to talk about diseases?

Hey, hey! The drunk tank does not go on your record, I will tell you.

Oh, I feel so much better!

He knows personally, he's been there.

Shhhh. Anyway, but I say we just go around the room, do a quick, you know, little synopsis of things that are important to you and who you are.

With no further adieu, you go first.

I am a 20-somethinger, who enjoys snowboarding and other activities. I have at least probably 30 to 40% of my body covered in tattoos.

He's a tattoo guy.

I like tattoos a lot, you know. I do business consulting with my father. I have virtually no educational background. I learned to read a couple of years ago, and yet I am successful in life.

And he's just had a lot of god things going on.

Yeah, the two most important things in life are God, and my mother.

That was the wrong sound effect, I'm sorry.

You belittle me. So that's basically what I'm about. And, uh, why don't we go to the lefthand side, cause you pass it off to the left.

I was afraid of that. All right. I'm the resident Filemaker geek, I guess. I do all database development. Aw, yeah. And I've had that business for 20 years or so. The reason I know Paul is that I went to college with him.

We got thrown out of college for dope,

Thrown out of dorms, and yeah we got in a lot of trouble.

Cal Poly.

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Yeah, there you go. So, I've known Paul like, almost, well a whole lot of years. Let's just leave it at that.

You're my longest relationship, baby.

We've actually we've been in businesses before,

We stole each other's girlfriends.

Right. Traded girlfriends. Yes.



No, I guess it was stealing.

Well, yours ended up being a hooker, so it was ok.

And that's a whole another netcast.

Ok, no more stories. This is not what this is about.

I have nothing to say about that.

You have nothing to say about that

But she was hot. Go ahead.

Me, me, me.

You'll get your time to talk.

Is my time over now?


Ok. Andy, why don't you enlighten us...

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