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Business Writeoffs

Posted On: 2006-02-10
Length: 21:37

Listen to this podcast

From the studios of Netcast Central, it's Business Success Tips with Paul Sanneman.


Andy Cohen.

Hey there!

Lee, the strong man.

Whoo hoo.

And I'm JC Sanneman.

This is JC Sanneman relaxing.

With a girl rubbing his shoulders.

As it always should be.

That's right. A beer in his hand.


I'm not going to rub your shoulders.

I wouldn't want you to.

Is she going to work her way around the room, or is that just

No, no, no.

Look who's next in line! Hello!

Hey Paul, there's a wall behind you.

Oh, see. I'll move.

You're out of luck, dude.

You said that quick.

I'll move, I'll move. No problem.

You'll have to turn around.

That's right. That works. So, we're here together to talk about, we have a couple fan mails.

Yep, we had some good e-mails.

We actually have a fan. Oh, yeah, that's the voice of

When do you want to do the pitch for the other show?

That's not actually my voice.

Well, I guess we can start it off.

We'll just do it quick.

This is Joe, he's our new intern.

Yes, I'm learning. Training.

That's right. He's in training.

And he's got a little show, if you can call it that.


It's a very little show.

Hey, hey, hey.

I wouldn't know.

It's called the Chris and Joe show. Chris and I started it up, it's kind of just a variety, kind of comedy show.

It's his first attempt at a show, so if our viewers would like to check it out, and maybe download it a couple times, and make him feel good about himself.

Well, how do we find it? How do we find it?

Like, uh,

Do we look for Chris and Joe on iTunes?

I believe so. I believe it's on iTunes. I'm a little skeptical because of that liberation syndication thingamajig.

Yeah, Well what did you name the show?

I think it takes a couple of days, too.


Did you call it the little show?

No, we called it the Chris and Joe show.

I just wanted to make sure of that.

Chris and Joe show.

We never look for the little shows, we only look for the big ones.

That's right.

Ok, again, Chris and Joe show. Check it out.

OK. Cool.

All right. Good job.

So, our two e-mails that we got recently, one was from Singapore.

That was Erin, I believe. Erin from Singapore.

It's really strange. Most of the people that listen to this show aren't in this country.

Yeah. They're all from

I wonder if that means something?

I like that. Because if any of our viewers would like to fly me out, they can have Jolly sleeping on their couch.

Yeah, instead of mine.

I think they'd rather fly Tara out, actually.

Hey they can fly us both out.

You know, that's a much better idea, trust me.

If you can't see it, then trust me, it's a better idea. We could do a little pitch one more here while we're doing pitches. We're going to go to the Grand Canyon. You know the Grand Canyon, that big hole in the ground in Nevada and Arizona.


Arizona, right. Anyhow we're doing a trip. We're doing a business, this is perfect. We're doing a business deductible trip.

It's called drift and shift.

It's nice for you guys to tell me about this. And when is this trip that I should be scheduling?

Andy and Lee did not get invited, I hear.

Oh, Andy and Lee are in the room.

Oops. Anyhow. This trip is going to be the last week in August or so, it's like 2500 bucks, and it's 10 days on the Grand Canyon, it's awesome.

Well, it might be more because like airfare from Singapore is probably a little bit

Doesn't include airfare. You've got to get to Las Vegas.

You mean we have to pay for this?

Yeah, duh!

Oh, wow!

I mean this is on the company's...

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