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Posted On: 2005-12-20Length: 20:15

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Hello my peoples. Ladies and gents out there tonight. We're back for deuce four. The Reckoning. I've got Lee the strong man.

That's 24, for those of you who don't speak four.

That's right.

I've got Dr. Andy.

24. It's getting old.

That's right. It's getting close to my age.

That's right.

And we've got Paul Sanneman.

How you doing?

The consultant man. And our special guest tonight is Tara.


Hi Tara!

Helloooo Tara!

This is our first, you know, and Tara's the hot blonde chick, right?

Oh yeah!

Ok, cool. So that we can tell all our listeners out there who can't see her that it's cool.

Yeah, just think about it.

Think about it, that's right.

And if there are any hot blondes out there, please send your pictures to us so we can compare and contrast.

We're here to compare.

Very good. So now this is good, it's on business. Business tips. But this is for young people and you know whether you have kids or relatives or people that work for you, or whatever. Tara's 18. So I want to get the view of an 18-year-old on business and career and where do you go, and that kind of stuff.

It's got to be really scary.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. No, it's impossible to think about right now.

So Tara, what are you going to be when you grow up?

I've dabbled with many possibilities actually, from the very deep to the very shallow career-wise. I wanted to be like a psychologist and to help people in that way, but then I also want to be a model. So, you know, it just, everything.

You could be a model psychologist.

Yeah. I mean, hey, you could do both, right?.

So, you just graduated from high school, right?


So now, what are you doing?

I'm just waitressing.

And you're living at home, right?


When you're not with JC.


Either my home or her home, it's all home.


Making us happy.

Oh, it's a good time.

The question is, where are you going to go from here? I mean, how are you going to pick what you're going to do with your life?

I do a lot of thinking about it, and I think that's the main thing for me right now is to really take the time for myself to think about what I want to do and realize what I need to do to get there and take those steps. But right now I'm still at a stage where I know I need to just focus on one thing that means the most to me and do whatever it takes to get there.

What's that?

It's, I have a lot, but right now it may seem really silly and superficial, but the one thing I want to do so bad right now is to actually pose for Playboy.

All right.

And that's why I love her.

Yeah, that's my goal.

We don't think it's superficial at all.

Yeah, that's it. Sadly. So,

So, well that's a good goal.


So how are you going to pursue that goal?

Um, I know I need to start out,

You can mix sex with business, it's possible.

There you go.


It's the truth. No I know I need to start with an agency.

Right. Don't you have to like send them pictures and take pictures.

Take pictures

We're here.

That's right. Lee's going to volunteer. Lee's a photographer.

That works.

I'm going to go out and buy a camera tomorrow and bring my camera back.

We're going to take a photo and put it on the site.

Got a deal, that'd be cool.

So, I mean one thing, if you want to be a Playboy model, and that's your goal, ok, so, can't you like

There's a camera right there.

He's starting to take pictures...

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