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Cold Calling

Posted On: 2006-02-07Length: 22:32

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Coming to you from Netcast Central, it's Business Success Tips, starring Andy.

Hey there! I'm here.

Our big guru in the sky, Paul.

Thank you.

One of our favorites, Steve is here.

Bon jour.

Say hi, Jo!

Moral support.

That's right.

And we need plenty of it.

That's right. And we're doing this for whatever, the 400 subscribers out there. We're staying late at night because we have screwed up three shows.

Yeah, I don't know that guy with the initials AC and a

Your Ph.D. is not worth

This guy makes it sound like, oh you just hit a button and it records. No problem.

I'll tell you what, your Ph.D. is not working any magic. Anyhow,

I didn't do it. Wait a minute.

We've had echo. We've had static. We've had level problems.

And the whole problem with the stupid show is you can't hear it until it's over.

If anybody out there thinks this is easy, think again.

There's a magic way we do this.

Sit there with an eye of river and make a podcast.

So what we're really going to do tonight is just complain, right?.

That's right. Here we are, but we all have better things to do, like sleep. But that's ok.

No, we like talking to you guys out there. You're our favorites.

We do care about you.

I'll tell you, you know what I think the problem is? Only Lee had beer.

Ohhhh. That's it.

Steve had a couple.

Not enough beer. You see one of the problems with moving the podcast, excuse me, netcast studio out of your living room, is we have to physically drive home after this. That's a bad deal.

We need to be somewhat sober before we leave.

As opposed to you all falling asleep in the chairs at the last place?

That's right. Usually everybody crashed at my house. Yes.

This is much better. It looks nice, it's a cool studio, but we do have to drive. Which limits the intake of alcohol.

Actually, we really don't. We could sleep on the floor,

You could sleep on the floor.

I think I'm going to, actually.

Well, Steve has his wife and family at home. And Jo is filling in for JC. JC is just out getting laid. I think sex for him is more important than doing the show.

And can you blame him?

What a fool, what a fool.

He's fired.

No, he's got good reason to. I mean she's blonde and fairly good looking.

That's true, that's true. Ok. That's a good reason. So.

I'm stuck here with you guys, great.

Ok, so now we have to make like this is the first time we ever did this. Keep up on the sound effects, Andy.

Ok. So what are we going to talk about tonight?

Cold calling!

This is for our fan in Ireland.

That's right. We got a wonderful e-mail from a fan in Ireland, and his question was, tell us more about cold calling.

Well, we can all say cold calling sucks, right?

Well, most people don't like it I don't think.

Right. Cold calling is a part, it's something we've all done, whether it's getting laid or convincing somebody to do something they might not want to do. We've all tried it. So Lee, have you ever cold called? Give me an experience.


Come on.

Paul, I hope you're getting laid wasn't convincing someone to do something they didn't want to do.

No, no, no. No.

Well, isn't that the whole point?

You know, I could, there's really a bad joke. The difference between rape and seduction?

I'm afraid to ask.


Oh man.

Ohhh. No, no.

There we go alienating the female listeners once again.

SCS@sonic.net. Address it to Paul. We'll make sure he reads it.

That's right.

I can remember my most difficult time cold calling was literally being a door-to-door salesman, walking up and down...

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