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Control Your Business

Posted On: 2006-04-06Length: 29:01

Listen to this podcast

From the studios of Netcast Central, it's Business Success Tips with Paul, Andy, Lee, myself and John Richards.

Hey John!


There he is. And we're going to let Lee kick off today's show, because he has a topic in mind, I think.

I have a burning question indeed.

You look on fire to me.

It's been on my mind now for a while.

And the question is.

So what is it?

Now that we've had a business of our own,

I've always had a business of my own.

Ok, everybody out.

Everybody's learning to leave their job and they're learning to get a business of their own, so the question.

Hey, don't blow our whole sound effects budget in the first two minutes.

I'm going to do it now before I forget to do them.

The question is, how does one then, once business is off the ground, run their business instead of their business running them?

Do you feel like this business is running you Andy?

This business is running me. I need a vacation, I need time off, I need to go play.

Now is not the time, we're starting this business, we're trying to get like a million dollars worth of funding, trying to get off the ground.

And he's thinking so far ahead, he wants to manage his success before it happens.

Well actually, your business, your consulting business is really what's managing you. Not necessarily this business.

This business only takes up a couple days a week. My other business takes up the other five.

Ok. So, I mean, as I said, did Picasso's significant other tell him to stop painting? I mean if he was having a good time. Why stop?

He might have done a better job if he would have taken a few vacations. He might, his paintings might have been better. I mean, I think his paintings aren't that good. So, seems to me as though he would have been better off taking more time off.

I think Picasso,

He clearly wasn't in it for the money.

But I think Picasso, like him, you know painting was as much fun as sex, and we know he had fun having sex, so

But you, but nothing is fun if it's all you ever do. If all you ever do is paint all your life, you're really limiting yourself.

I'd like to prove that theory wrong with sex first.

Trust me, you get really sore in a

JC has a new girlfriend, and he can speak from true experience.

Yeah, so ok, for the first couple months, big deal. Let's see how he does for the long run.

That's right.

That's right.

They say, you know, if you put a grain of, or like a marble into a jar, for every time you make love when you're married the first year, and you take them out, you'll never take them out by the

And there will be an empty jar by the time you die.

Trust me, she sneaks into the room and takes them out.

So, so the thing is, any time you do too much of anything, it's going to get old. No matter how much you might like it. Like if you're an athlete, if you're a football player, and all you ever do is football, you're not going to like it after a while.

Ok. I believe variety is good.

Variety is really important.

That's why I like living in the mountains and going to the city and having all those kinds of contrasts. Contrast is a good thing.

There you go. Exactly.

But, let's say, Netcast Central probably consumes maybe 30% of my physical time, and maybe what, 50% of my mental time.


Yeah, mental time? Yeah. You haven't talked about sex in a long time, Paul.

Oh boy. There goes the workaholic.

I think we have a problem.

Well, you know, actually I changed my...

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