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Creating a Successful Business

Posted On: 2006-11-30Length: 24:10

Listen to this podcast

Hello lucky ones, and welcome back to Business Success Tips. We're joined by all our usual suspects, as well as, we have a special guest today for you tonight, Alan Hardman, as well as, I'm drawing a blank.

This is Sean Daley.

Sean Daley. I've only known him for like three years.

Sometimes you're a little slow. But it's ok. You're my kid. You know.

I know. It's the only reason I got the job.

That's right.

I guess I'm unforgettable.

It's a name thing.

And Lee's here.

I said everyone was here.

Ok fine. I can start this now?

Except Andy. He doesn't call anymore.

He doesn't call anymore. If you really want Andy back on the show, please email us and say, Andy come back.

Andy, Andy, come back, we miss you.

I can't give him hard PhD jokes anymore, I really miss that.

That's right.

So. Alan, Welcome.

Well, thank you very much.

So we're here to day to talk about you, and some of the books you've written, and maybe tell a little bit about yourself, like how you got where you are today.

It all started when I was very young, Paul.

I see.

The most recent is the gift that was given to me by the University to meet Miguel Ruiz in 1995, and Miguel Ruiz is the man who wrote the four agreements.

Right. And if you check our podcast, we did one on the four agreements and how it applies to business.

And it was a turning point in my life. Partly because I had a dream beforehand that told me it was going to happen, which was one of those

Those are really nice to have, they help out.

And you weren't on drugs or anything, just straight.



And I didn't know of course until it happened that that's what the dream was about. But the dream told me not to blow it when I met him. And so I didn't. And I instantly became his apprentice, and I didn't realize at the time, but he was just starting to gather a new group of apprentices together to try one more time to go all the way with a group. He tried, he'd let people go, he'd try it again.

So what does being an apprentice mean, and he's like a Toltec master, so what is qualification for his guru, so to speak.

Yeah. Miguel Ruiz comes form a long line of naguals, in the Toltec tradition, which is naguals, man of power, probably the best way to say it.

Ok. Kind of like a spiritual teacher kind of guy.

He's a spiritual teacher from the Toltec tradition in Mexico, which goes back a couple thousand years.

Like the Aztecs, and stuff way back when.

Before Aztecs, before Mayans.

That's way back.

The oggi's of Mexico.

They built pyramids. Beautiful stuff. And had hundreds of thousands of people in cities, and then it all just disappeared.

I'm going, how did they all, I know this isn't, we're going to bring this into business, audience, it will just take a while. So, how did the people, why did the people disappear? That's a question, I went down to Mexico, and they go, it's like the dinosaurs, they just went away.

Yeah, they never know.

Did the aliens take them with them?

Well, that's one of the theories.

I'd go on a spaceship if I had a chance.

One of the theories is,

Well the probe is the thing you have to watch out for.

But they're big spaceships.

One theory is they all got so high they just,


drifted away.

Like Jupiter.

It's like the dolphins on, what was that, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe show, they all sort of left before the planet did.

So, I don't now. I wasn't there. I missed it.

Ok. So back to your apprenticeship...

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