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Customer is Always Right

Posted On: 2005-11-10Length: 23:07

Listen to this podcast

As our usual announcer would say, hello ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys. You're here with Paul, Lee and Andy tonight. Hello Paul.

Hi there!

Andy you're up.

Hi Lee!

And this is Lee, hello.

And we're in Lee's exciting, what do we call this, our recording studio?

Yeah, this is now a studio. And we're going to pick up from our last session here, we were talking about beer bottles.

That's right. And you wouldn't get off, there's so many in the room.

Gosh, mine's empty.

We finally got,

Mine is too.

We finally got down to one beer bottle on the table, right?

Yeah, I think somebody needs to make a quick run.

I see. So he is now getting more beer.

The refrigerator is almost empty.

I can't even drink beer because of my stomach thing now.

There's more upstairs. Go ahead and start with that. No, you go Andy, that's fine.

Oh, such a giving person.

Yeah, hold on.

You've got your beer. Oh there it is.

Ooh, you can hear. Yeah, that's nice. Gulp, gulp.

Sierra, Nevada. Pale ale.

Good stuff, good stuff. Can you get that back east? I don't know if you can.

I don't know.

You know if people back east are listening, e-mail us.

Please e-mail us.

Good stuff.

Go to the e-mail.

SCS at sonic.net

To our 65, whatever, it's going up all the time. Thank you, we really appreciate your listening.

Yeah, we're getting more and more listeners, we're very excited about this.

That's right. Tell a friend.

We love doing it, we love to talk to you all.

E-mail it to all your buddies.

And Sierra Nevada ale is really good stuff.

Especially when it's cold.

Really good stuff.


We were talking about beer bottles.

We were talking about beer, and I was saying that there's three beer bottles because we're all perceiving a different beer bottle. Because what happens, the beer bottle we see, the only reason we know it's a beer bottle is because of the history somebody told us this is a beer bottle. So basically there are photons coming into the eye, they convert it into, you know, things in your brain, there's a chemical reaction in your brain someplace, and that's how you, "see the beer bottle." But the only thing that interprets that as a beer bottle is perception. So, if you did, so the question is we all have a different history, that's how we determine perception.

So we just think about beer bottles in different ways, but we all still see a beer bottle.

No, but we don't see the same beer bottle, that's the whole point.

It's kind of a

I think we all see the same bottle, but we think about it in different ways.

And each of us then has a perception that comes from a different angle.


But we'll argue all day. I'll go "that's green," and you'll go "no it's sort of bluish-green."

No, it's green.

It's green.

You just, I was just being a little, you know, trying, never mind.


But I think it has a lot of merit.


And let me tell you why.

Ok. Let's, tell us why.

I had a bit of an epiphany here, in the past few weeks, in my business, which, one slice of it is retail establishment. Customers will come

We're not going to advertise Radio Shack. They're not paying you shit.

No, let's not mention them.


Nice microphones.

Aren't these really good microphones.

Really good microphones.

Great connectors. The whole deal here. Good headphones.

They didn't supply the beer, though.

No, those bums.

No, ok, so go ahead.

So you know, I'll get customers who come in and they'll like, demand something. I need this battery. And we know right away that's a special order battery, we don't necessarily have it in the store, you'll need to call in, or go to a different store to get, and they get angry. They get really upset.

What do they do when they get angry? They go, "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh"

Can you do a sound effect? I'm missing on the sound effect.

I don't think I have a scream for that one.


I like that one. Oh wait.

You know, he can't talk and run the sound...

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