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Dealing With Clients

Posted On: 2006-04-20
Length: 22:50

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Coming to you pre-recorded from the Netcast Studios.

No, this is live.

If you believe this is live, I've got a bridge for you.

Myself, and Paul. And Andy's still on vacation for another week.

In the Caribbean.

Andy come home, we miss you.

How come I don't get two weeks off?


I'll give you two weeks off. With pay.

Without pay.

With his pay.

I'm sold.

So Paul, what are we going to talk about tonight?

We're going to talk about client,

Tales from the client.

Client war stories.

Client war stories?

Lee, who's the most

See, I have all wonderful clients. How could I have a war story with one of my clients?

Oh come on. You got laid or something. Tell me something interesting.

I got laid? Oh I want to hear this story.

You know, what are one of the most interesting client kind of meetings you've ever had?

I had a interesting meeting the other night, actually. I drove all the way up to Calastoga, and I met with some friends who actually Paul, you happen to know who the company is

He went to jail, but we won't mention that.

Here we go. No, no. This is a bad start.


Well, there's a lot of stories around, but it was wonderful. Because when I got there, everybody hugged everybody, which I liked that. I like to have meetings with clients where everybody hugs.

Well, that's a San Francisco kind of thing.

Hey, hugging is not San Francisco. Hugging is just nice.


It is. And it's wonderful.

And friendly.

And you know, now I think everybody out there by now knows that I do consulting that is all FileMaker work, it's all programming, basically,


But I have one of the most wonder clients, and we all, and I hug most of my clients. That's just the way it is.

Oh hug. So tell me about, I mean, what's the uh,

You're lookin for dirt, aren't you?

Look at you Mr. Commentator. He says everything's wonderful, and his life is going great, and you're like no, no, really. Let's hear the dirt.

Let's hear what really went bad.

You remind me of those Hollywood trash, whatever, you know. Magazine things,

Right. The Tabloids.

I mean, for the most part, all I have are really good stories. I mean my clients from a personal standpoint of view, are not problems. I mean computers can be a problem, software can be a problem, those things are problems, but the people I work with are great.

Ok, just tell me interesting, just tell me

Oh hey, Mr. Soapbox guy, why don't you tell a story, put Lee on the spot here.

Yeah, let's hear some of your dirt here, Mr. Sanneman.

Well it's not dirt, first I have a client, and some clients have the same meeting every week.

That's true.

And I mean, you know, I work with a couple clients that you keep telling them the same thing over and over and over again. And I guess you just tell them, I guess it's like 17 different ways, it's sort of like drip torture, and you eventually try to get them to move a little bit on the behavior. But

Behaviors are hard to move. So sometimes it takes

Over and over again.


Yeah. And those are a little frustrating as clients.

Now, I have a question related to our listeners, and hearing things over and over again. We've tried not to repeat too much on our shows, sometimes we do occasionally. And I wonder if that's helpful?

I don't think that's a big deal.

Do you think it helps?

We all go see, well you don't see movies because you're not like that. But the normal people like to go see movies all the time, and there's only plot lines to a movie, or something like that.

In the world, yeah.

And that's why movies are boring.

And there's a bad guy and a good guy, and the girl gets saved.

And most the movies now are a lot of explosions and bangs.

Right. They're chase scenes. It's the same old movie. And good guy always wins. But it's interesting,

Except in European film...

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