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Entrepreneur Questions

Posted On: 2006-07-19Length: 34:40

Listen to this podcast

Hello everyone in Netcast Land! This is Lee talking at you. We're missing JC again tonight.

You know, I, go ahead.

I know, you have to interrupt during the intro.

I do.

Yeah, there's just no way to not interrupt during the intro.

That's true.

Joining us tonight is Paul, introduce him first.

Thank you.

Well, why doesn't he introduce himself?

Yeah, Paul, come on.

Paul the man, Sanneman.

Here we go. Interrupting the announcer again.

Well as long as he's interrupting you, he might as well introduce himself. But go ahead.

That's because you're on our team. See, that's why you can't introduce me.

Andy's here. It's your turn now to interrupt, Andy.

What, huh?

So Andy's with us as usual, and Steve is Skypeing in from Novato.

Right, so we're trying out Skype.

San Rafael.

San Rafael.

Skype 2.5 new and improved.

Right. So the good news is so we're testing Skype, so our person, our avid listener in New Zealand can Skype in and we can help him with his business.

Yes, our avid listener in New Zealand, we're going to Skype him in probably in a couple weeks, so,

And there's actually a new feature with Skype, there's actually accent translation, so he'll sound just like a Sonoman.

Really? They actually have accent translation?

You can even pick your county. And it'll take Kiwi and translate it into your county dialect.

You're kidding me.

I'm not kidding.

You're not kidding?

I don't think that sounds like a good idea.

I'd rather hear the accent.

I like the accent.

Does that mean some French sexy chick is going to sound really like, a guy or something?

I mean, it'll make everybody sound like a news announcer, talking head.


Oh boy, Paul, if you believe that I've got some land in Lebanon.

I see. Hey look it. You know, I read this thing on the Google, like you know out there in mystery land they're doing all these amazing things in the Google, I heard a story like extraterrestrials are giving Google all the secret technology to do what they need to be doing, and

And you believe it.

That's right. I already believe in space people.

You sure it didn't say aliens?

I mean aliens.

Cause it could have been a couple of Russians doing it.

That's right. It could have been people from Mexico. The illegal aliens are helping

Pretty big on conspiracy theories,

I am.

He and Oliver Stone hang out together.

That's right.

That's a great theory. So you got any more of those?

So we're talking about, I have some interesting news for everybody here tonight.

I see.

Oh now, news.

He's looking at me, I'm worried here, I don't know if this is a good idea.

Ok. This

Do I want to hear this?

No, this book is relevant. Hold the book up

Oh no, ok, all right.

I can't see it.

No, you can't see it. Now the question is, read the title.

The Answer to Cancer is never giving it a chance to start.

Right. So. What does this book have to do with us, right?

Boy, this is going to be fun.

It's going to be exciting. No. Anyhow, it does. I was, went to check out transcendental meditation, is, TM, ok, Maharishi, ok, so I went to get a checkup from this guy, this TM guy, to get checked out on my TM practice so I could take it up again,

I think that'd be a good idea if you'd get checked out.

That's right. And so I am starting TM again. But, what's cool is this guy is an author. He's written 24 books, 23 books.

He's a prolific author.

And he's got his, you know, Ph.D., you'd like this, from Northwestern University...

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