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Excitement in Business

Posted On: 2005-10-21
Length: 21:30

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Ladies and gents, boys and girls of all ages. We're back again with number 10. That's right. The diez has come for you. I've got Lee Strong to my left.

Hello. Lee's excited to be here tonight.

He's excited. And I've got Dr. Andy.

I'm even more excited.

More excitement!

I'm so excited!

And then, that panting in your background is none other than the most excited, Paul Sanneman.

I feel better already.

Sure wore me out, Paul.

So, actually, that's what we want to do tonight. Is talk about excitement.

Well, Lee, we were just talking about what would the show be about, and Lee said, enthusiasm was important in dealing with clients, and he talked about Filemaker and I went back to sleep, I kept thinking am I boring the Filemaker?

I'm so excited about this show, we've just got to talk about, it's great stuff.

Boring filemaker.


So, Lee, Mr. Enthusiasm, tell us about excitement.

Well, it's important whenever you're working with somebody, consulting, I don't care at what level you're talking, whether you want to talk about business growth, whether you want to talk about data flow information in a company,

Data flow, boring.


A new system you're designing. Well, what it is, is that level of excitement that you create is going to be transferred to your clients, they're going to be excited and good things are going to happen as a result.

Yeah, you've got to be turned on about what you're doing.

I'm psyched about data flow! Yeah!

Come on. Excitement. I mean, these people get excited. You know the thing that really weirds me out, people who get excited about sports games.


Good for them!

I mean, how can you get excited about a ball going back and forth, or a little ball going in a hole. I mean, come on!

We're not talking about what the subject of the excitement is, I mean, hey, there's people out there that don't like sex. So, go figure!

None of our listeners.

So it's not what you get excited about, it's the fact that you do get excited about something. Some people flatline through their life. They're no fun to work with on any level. So if you're going to bring some consulting to the party, you bring along your enthusiasm, your excitement and about how great things are going to be once you've had a chance to spend time with your client, and how much they're going to enjoy that.

So, let me talk about context versus content.


What are you talking about?

What does that mean?

Start talking, then.

No, no. Content is what you say. Context is how you say it.

Yeah. So what's more important?


That's how you say it.

That's how you say it.

There you go. I agree.

Because, for example, somebody can answer the phone and they go, Hello, and oh my god what's wrong, or hello, why, One word. And you can tell everything about that person out of one, it's the same word, right?


So, that's context.

So the context is what really counts.

Right. So how do you build enthusiasm and excitement over something as mundane as a software program?

Software programs are not mundane. You're getting context confused with content. You can get excited about anything. You get excited about cars. I don't understand how anybody gets excited cars.

I love cars.

You get, you have to use them to get from point A to point B, but driving around in a car is boring.

That's because I have four really nice cars, and you have one really shitty car, but I won't mention that.

He has a truck.

Well, I'll trade you cars, and I won't be any more excited about it. Trust me...

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