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Financial Success Principles

Posted On: 2006-01-05Length: 23:58

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Hello our worldwide audience. We have returned to you. I'm here with my usual friends, Dr. Andy.

Hey there!

Lee the strong man.


And Paul.

Thank you very much.

To mix it up a little bit.

There we go. Thank you very much. All right. The music's done.

Yeah, talk.

Now's when I talk, right?

Nice pause.

Poignant pause.

You'd think after a while we'd get the hang of this thing.

Yeah, well, it's only 26 shows. What the heck.


Excuse me. All right.


Ruffling paper. So we're going to do sort of a book review that we haven't read but we've got the condensed version here.

I read the book.

You read the book.

I read the book, yeah.

Ok. So all we have to do is

Let's tell our audience. Our audience asked a couple of times about books. We've had a couple e-mails asking for more kinds of books. Just this past few weeks, Joe Montana and Tom Mitchell put out a book called "Sixteen Principles for Success."

I'll be you Mitchell wrote it and Joe just endorsed it.

Well, you know what, that's probably, it was a third guy. And we think, I believe after reading the book, the third guy took the stuff from Tom Mitchell and Joe Montana and built a book around it, kind of designed the book. It's a quick read book. It's not a boring book, because the book, it's got, now Tom Mitchell was a coach.


He was a coach of, a basketball coach. And well all know who Joe Montana played baseball for some team on the east coast.

He threw stuff to Jerry Rice for the LA Dodgers.

Yeah, something like that. And so, it, what makes the book fun to read if you didn't live in San Francisco during the 80s, is they tell you stories about the Niners that you'd probably wouldn't have known, which makes it a really interesting read. When I saw this list in the newspaper, by the way, when the announced the book release, which also told us about the book signing that I took my family to and Joe, Joe was really nice.

That's because Joe lives here, that's the one reason, why he went this far

Now that you know where we all are. We live in San Diego.

Santa Rosa.

Joe Montana lives in a big mansion in someplace up there near Windsor.

Yeah, that's northern California for the people out there who don't know what we're talking about. Anyway, they, you could tell that they kind of crafted this thing around Montana because they created these 16 principles for success. Now we've talked about motivation. We've talked about how important it is to feel up and positive and be excited about what you're doing. Now when you take a look at these 16 things in there, they kind of break that down quite a bit. I mean, you want to take it. One of you guys want to start off and describe some of these things?

Well, I think there are probably, you know, we could combine some of them. I mean, know what you want, and identify, this is number one people. Know what you want and identify your goals. That changes.


What I want today isn't what I want tomorrow.

But you've got to start from somewhere.

That's true.

Hardest part is how to start.

What was your goal? What was your goal when you were 19?

Getting laid.

What's your goal now that you're, never mind.

Is that a sexist thing?

That's still his goal, Lee.

We've had women comment, I don't think that's sexist.

Not necessarily, we don't know if it's with a man or a woman...

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