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Loving Your Work

Posted On: 2006-06-09Length: 18:43

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Coming to you from the studios at Netcast Central, it's Business Success Tips with your hosts, Paul, Andy, Lee, and me.

Hey me!

That's horrible English, but well, I totally forgot what I was doing for a second?

You forgot your name? It's JC.

Or Jolly or John.

I can remember two letters anyway, at least two letters.


I just totally forgot about the intro, and then I heard the music and I'm like, I should be doing something right now.

That's right, what was it you were supposed to be doing.

See, the audience appreciated my candor, though.

So, we're here this evening, gathered together, um, a couple interesting things happened on the way to the studio.

What happened?

I ran into an old client of mine, which will remain nameless, but he just was happily divorced, got through it, cost him millions, but he said it was worth it, and now he's going to have a good time.

Now, he's one of your big success stories, right?

Well you know, he's a success story, I look at him and go, "I want to be like him-he's flying around, you know, the world, helicopter, skiing, scuba diving, doing this great life, he's an amazing guy, really cool guy. I'm going wow! I want to have a lifestyle"

So he's doing what you told him to do.

That's right. Yeah, I mean this guy, he was such a work-, he was the kind of guy that literally cut off his finger and went to work the same day. The guy was into work. So, amazing work ethic.

Kind of like me.

And I talked him out of it.

Boy, I have trouble with that on a keyboard if I cut off one of my fingers. My spelling would go wacko.

Actually, as long as I had two of them left, I'd be fine.

But, that's right. So he got over his workaholism and decided to have a good time, and he's doing great. And so that was an inspiring conversation.

Yea, now, but tell a little more. Because his business was really successful, he made a ton of money. He's been able to semi, I wouldn't say retire, he only works part of the time.

Retire is a bad work

That's why I don't want to use it.

I think the word financial independence is much better than retirement.

Yeah, I agree.

So financial independence means to me that money is no longer a big issue in your life. That you can have your lifestyle, and you can have a good time and you don't have to think about the money. It's like, oh should I do this because it's expensive or not expensive. Now, retirement sounds like something you do before you die.

Yeah, I want to talk about this.

Retire, assisted living, convalescence, coffin. That's the progress.

Yep. I think retirement is the road to the coffin, and why so many people want to do it is beyond me. It must be because they don't like their job, I guess.

That's the assumption. The assumption is you prostitute yourself for money, you do some, you know you have fun on the weekends, you have some job you don't like, and then you

I have a theory about that.

Would you not interrupt me?

You interrupt me.

Wait, it's the first time he's interrupted.

Yeah, you're sassy.

So, the whole point,

I can see how this is going to go tonight. How about a little contentioning, guys?

The point is

The point is, get your point across.

I'm getting my point across. That the whole purpose, retirement means nothing unless you don't like your job. Cause why would you want to leave it? It's like, when did Picasso retire, or when did, you know, I was watching a HBO special about a guy who ran a brothel. He loved his job, he has a wife,

Great benes.

He got to make it with all these women all the time, it's like this big open sex thing. He goes, why would I ever want to retire from this? He says, this is heaven. I'm excited. Every day I get laid by these ladies, it's a wonderful...

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