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Get a Job to Doing What You Like

Posted On: 2005-12-15
Length: 20:09

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Ladies and gentlemen, here we are once again, number 23 if you're keeping count. Now we have a multitude of guests here today. You know, I've got my usuals. The usual suspects are all in the house today. We've got Lee, the strong man.

Hey! That'd be me.

Dr. Andy.

I'm still here.

Paul Sanneman.

I'm here.

Yeah, I know.


I'm so excited

We've still got Chris from last week, he's come back once more.

I'm back, baby.

And he's, I can't hear him. Put your face in the mic.

Put your face in the mic.

I'm back baby.

All right. He's back. And then my friend, Tara, she's here.

All right.


Ohhh..... The first woman ever on our podcast. Yeah. We do know girls.

It's our token woman. Yes!

Token woman.

At least she's blonde and cute. You know, come on.

Whoo hoo.

She's not cute, she's hot.

That's right. If you're going to have a token woman, she should be hot. That's right.

There you go.


All right.

So, our last show we left Chris in desperation, headed toward the dark side for a life of misery.

What's changed since that show.

and sorrow.

And to review, Chris, why don't we tell you, tell our listeners out there about your job and how much it sucks.

I work in a grocery store in Sonoma County. I am,


And not quite happy with it. It's a job that helps me get by, but in the long run for working man it's a decent job, but it's not exactly where I want to be at the age of 25.

Don't fondle the microphone it makes all kinds of noise.

I just feel like Elvis when I do this.

I see, ok.

He's really enjoying this.

Like you're fondling the microphone, it's all right.

Thank you very much.

Ok fine.

Yeah, at the point in my life it's not exactly where I wanted to be at the age of 25.


It is a decent job for people who start out, before they start their careers. But at this point in time I'm getting a little old to be working in a grocery store. So,

You're a retail clerk.

I'm a retail clerk.

I don't know, I've seen people in grocery stores much older than you.

That's right.

But they're so much sadder than me, too. They're not happy.

That's true.

So what I want to do is use the brain power in this room. You guys are really smart. To help Chris from going down the dark side and five years since now still working in a grocery store, thinking it sucks and making you know $29 an hour, instead of $25 an hour, whatever it is.

Ok Fine. Path number1. You going to school?

No, not at this point in time.

Did you finish high school?


You're not thinking about going on?

I'd like to go back to college, it's just trying to find the time, mixed with the money I make.

That is a problem, finding the time.

It's, uh, if I actually sat down and did the schedule and sat down with my boss, week after week and told him yes I need these days off, and next week, yes I need these days off, next week, yes I need these days off, because they will screw you. It seems that you get a schedule set for school, you go to school, and lo and behold your schedule comes out the next week you have to work during your school days that you designated.

Maybe they don't want you to go to school.


Did they say, oh well

Wait, wait, wait. Because if you got to go to school, you could get a better job.

Sure. That's right.

Exactly. See, yes, I was looking at bartending school, and I said, hey, could I work nights for the next two weeks, so I can take this bartending class, because it's during the afternoons, would you let me do it, and they'd be like, ooh, ah, you know, it just wouldn't do with the store's needs.

Right. You've got to think of the store first, Chris.

Which is the excuse ever manager uses when they don't want you to work those days or go to school. It's like, oh, this doesn't agree with the store's needs. And part of the contract is that you have to adapt to the store's needs...

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