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Tip of the Day Consider Itemizing Your Deductions

Consider Itemizing Your Deductions - Every year we have to file taxes and the tax man wait with anticipation to see how you will fair, so don't disappoint him, but...

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Posted On: 2006-08-24Length: 33:44

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How do you get our intro so hot? Oh yes? It's Business Success Tips.

I had a lot of fun doing the bumpers.

Yeah, they're fun. They're fun to do.

It's success tits.

Business success tits.

That's right. Yes, we're recruited many Hooter people from here.

Where's my beer? That is my beer.

That's right. You can have success tits too. We can do an advertisement. Own success tits. Make a difference in your life. Come to us and get your success tits for ten grand, the return on investment is amazing. Here's Suzy. I got my success tits and I married a millionaire. That's right. You too can have your success tits. That's right. Orgasms are just a success tit away.

That's just enough.

Hello lucky ones, you're back with Business Success Tips. I am once again here,

I liked tits better, but that's ok.

Don't we all.

Yeah, you like tits all right.

That's right. I like Business Success Tits. I can visualize that one.

That rude man, is Paul. The Brewster.

The big cock in the corner is Andy.

I can't wait to hear what I am.

Andy, the Strong man as we used to call him.



Holding his big beer in his hand.

My Corona.


No endorsement.

Ok. I'm going to tell the people out their how to triple their income in two weeks.

Send it all to me.

That's right. It's like Rev. Ike says, throw up all your money in the air and that that goes up is God's and that that comes down is mine. So. Ok. Here's the tip of the day.

Here we go.

You get paid for what you do. Now think about that. You know, the society pays hourly for certain things. For example, if you are a, you know, day labor, you may get paid six, seven bucks an hour. An entrepreneur may get paid thousands of bucks an hour for a good idea. A hooker may get paid you know anywhere from a thousand bucks an hour to a hundred bucks an hour, depending on if she's any good or not. And so you get paid for different things you do. Now the way you control your revenue, is you look at your life, and I have business owners do this, ok, how many hours do you spend thinking up creative, cool ideas? How many hours do you spend doing administration? How many hours do you spend swinging a hammer? How many hours do you spend filing? And what you do, if you want to determine your income, you look at how many hours you spend doing each kind of thing, and what society, this society pays for that. You add it up and that's how you get your income.

Sounds right.

So, the typical problem is a business person will have this cool idea, you know I want to start a business. I want to whatever, have a construction company. And then he has the idea, starts the construction company, then he makes the fatal error of going to work for his own company. So instead of being paid as an entrepreneur by working on his company, having these really cool ideas and making it bigger and growing the company, he owns a job. Cause he goes to work for his company...

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