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How to do Radio Advertising

Posted On: 2006-02-21
Length: 23:23

Listen to this podcast

From the studios at Netcast Central, it's the Business Reality Show.

It's the what?

Business Reality Show.

It's Business Success Tips.

Business Success, whatever.

Come on, we don't even know what the theme song is, it's the name of this show.

Anyway, that was Paul.

Thank you.

Rudely interrupting.

We've got Andy.

I'm here.


Whoo hoo!

And special guest, Bob.


And we have other people in the studio.

We have people in the studio sort of hanging out.

It's a studio audience.

The studio audience of several. Right?


Ok. So, tonight we're going to talk about radio. It's an interesting thing to talk about on a podcast.

Well, you know, I've been in, my name,

This is Bob.

I am Bob. I'm the guest tonight. Yeah, I've been playing radio for about 30 years, and uh,

You don't look that old.

Well, I actually went into radio before I was born.

Did you do drugs when you were younger.

Before I was born.

What kind of radio?

We did a podcast from the womb.

Pop kind of radio, music radio, talk show radio,

I've worked at different formats, and when you're kind of just, when you're doing the game, you do whatever they have. They changed formats, it was a country station and they changed formats at midnight one night as I was getting off the air, and goodbye Kenny Rogers, hello Mel Torme.

Elevator music, yuk!

Love songs.

Not so much of a segue.

Yeah, you can go from Frank Sinatra into Foreigner, ok?

They both start with F.

There you go.

But Mel Torme from Kenny Rogers, that's a bit of a leap, don't you think?

It was an odd format. It didn't, we didn't stay with it long.

Well, let me explain to our listening audience why Bob is here.

Wait a minute! We have a listening audience?

We have 14,000 separate IPs, whatever that means.

Oh geez.

So somebody out there is listening.

Interested persons.

Interested persons. That's what IP stands for. We're developing our business model here to all become, you know, rich and famous, or at least rich-er. And the idea was to get some talent, and obviously the best place to go for talent in this kind of business is radio, I would think. So I called up an old client of mine, Gordon Slot, who owns a couple of radio stations, and I said, Gordon, we need a talk show host, where do I find one? And he says, well, you should call Bob.

That's incredible. Now Gordon is the owner of the stations I work at, so he was like more than my boss. That's an incredibly good thing.

I said I have two requirements. I want somebody who's intelligent, has a conversation, and also has a nice voice.

Oh. Well I have a cold today. I've had a cold all week.

He didn't mention the money part, somebody desperate of money of any kind.

I've worked for Gordon for a long time, so I'm sure that will come.

Gordon are you listening?

Maybe he will be, in telling me how to do it.

It's very possible.

So, since you're on here, you know a lot about radio, we should probably talk about how the business of radio may differ from the business of podcasting. And how this business model may vary.

I think the main difference...

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