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Importance Of Business Planning

Posted On: 2006-03-02Length: 21:22

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From the studios of Netcast Central, it's Business Success Tips, with Paul.




Tease me, go on.


Lee the strong man.

Whoo hoo!

We've got Bob again, because he just doesn't have anywhere else to go.

He's been here for four weeks now.

And his creative partner, Keren, who's quite delightful. And uh, I think Steve's still in the

Ah! JC I thought you were going to forget me. Thank you so much. Thank you.

Steve's still here.

Steve who?

There's a Steve?

There's no chip on his shoulder.

That's good. So, let's see, a couple things. I want to talk about a totally aside thing. JC and I saw a truck today. We've got to tell you about this truck. Go ahead JC.

I don't think we have to talk about it and give them free publicity.

Is it a Ford truck?

No, no.

No, this is a work truck. But on the side of it, you know how they have like logos and stuff on the side of trucks, right? It said, um, it said um, Crime Scene Cleaners. No, and then it said,

Did Harvey Keitel get out?

No, below it said homicide, suicide or accidental death. And an 800 number. I'm like, I actually like was intrigued, not that that says anything.

Did it have a big sponge in the back?

But I went online, they have a whole website, it's like, you know, online and I guess you know, they clean up crime scenes, like you know, if you got like an apartment building where people have been slaughtered, um, after the cops get through you need someone to clean it up and you

The body parts, right?

You call them, I guess.

Somebody's got to do it, yeah.

That's right.

And so I thought like a crank call, ok like the cops will be here in 40 minutes. Can you get here in 20?

So is it all the guys in black suits and black-rimmed glasses?

I mean this has got to be a mafia organization, right?

No, no. no.

It sounds like a Quentin Tarantino prop vehicle.

No, it's very on the up and up actually, I mean it's like, you know, it's just they clear, I mean you know like if you, there's a crime scene, the cops, you know, put all that dust everywhere for prints and everywhere. Someone's got to clean that up.

The blood, the guts, the whole thing.

So if anyone's had anyone murdered or slaughtered or accidentally killed or anything,

Call 1-800

Call them.

1-800 and suck it up.

It's the Crime Scene Cleaners.

They'll be, the first time we looked at them we go,

Suck it up or mop it up.

No, no. They better hear this and give me my first homicide for free when I need them.

We do like to be involved with the planning stage, though, of any operation.

And you know these guys were working for a much larger crime scene cleanup and they talked to Paul, and they started their own company.

They started their own company. Quit your job. Don't

Yeah, creating the business.

That's right.

You know, actually a good prank call would be to call them up and like, so how long a notice do you need?

Do you guys clean up blood? How fast can you get here?

I would like to schedule you for a week from Thursday.

And if they're slow, do they take like half for the clean up job.

And if I kill anybody, I really don't want to piss off my wife with a mess, right?

So, if you get here quick I'll pay you double, if you get here late, you're leaving with nothing at all...

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