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Keeping the Client Happy

Posted On: 2005-12-29Length: 21:33

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, we're back once again. I'm joined as always with Lee, the strong man.

Hey out there.

We've got Dr. Andy.


We've got Paul Sanneman.

With my new pop preventer.

No more pause.

My special guest, Richard.

Hello. Glad to be here.

Take it away.

Ok. So, I actually drug a client in here. Not under duress.

Kicking and screaming.

This is a real client, you're telling us?

This guy actually pays me money to listen to what I have to say.

Somebody will pay for anything.

Isn't that amazing?

We'll see after the show.

We'll see after the show. You know, this is going to be a censored show because I can't really piss him off, cause you know, I like the income.

This could be the end of your job, Paul.

You're assuming that you don't piss him off anyway.

That's right. No, I have to piss. See that's, the thing of the consultant is that you have to piss them off enough to be like worthwhile, but if you piss them off too much, you're fired. So you've got to walk that fine line between pissed off and really pissed off.

All right. So I got to ask then, Richard, does Paul ever piss you off?

Oh yeah.


He pisses me off too.

You're my son. That's just to be expected, right?

Yeah, well we can always have a pick on Paul night here, too.

Sounds like fun.

That's true. We got some fan mail that gave us, JC a hard time about his dealing with women, so we're going maybe mellow it out, I don't know, it's hard to censor my son. I've tried for like 25 years and failed miserably.

I'm uncensorable.

Well, we'll just tell him to shut up.

People have been telling me that for years.

That's right.

Well I could just tone down the microphone.

That's right, he does have the ability to turn you off.

That's right.

That's true. So, ok, Richard, as our guest,

But, however, we don't want to lose our golden announcer, so

That's right. You know it'd be boring with just you guys anyway.

That's right.

Cause we have to have a little color.

Gee thanks.

You're a boring guy. Nice guy, boring, but a nice guy.

Yeah, right. Boring guy.

So, Richard. Since you're an official client, I guess, why don't we tell a little, why did you hire me and why don't you fire me?

Boy, you just know how to open a can of worms there.

Well, I first hired you because a mutual friend of ours introduced you to me. And at that time I got to say I wasn't really looking for a consultant. I'd had them before and I just wasn't that interested, but we had our first meeting, and I liked what I heard, so, we continued from there. And actually I do enjoy our meetings and time together, but there is times, and I think I told you this the last time, let's see, two times before we met, that you were telling me why you got fired from a number of clients.

Right. The reason I normally get fired. I've fired 400 times, so I'm an expert at being fired.

You count them, huh?

I count them.

And so Richard says, wow, what a concept. What a good idea.

No, the reason people fire me, every time is because they go, you've got really good ideas, they're really working, but you know what, I just can't get it all done. There's no way, there's too much stuff, and can we just take a month or two off so I can catch up, because I'm feeling like every time I meet you I feel like you're my dad or something, cause I just haven't got it done yet. So if I just don't see you for a couple months, I can get it done and we can start again.

I always feel that way about you, too...

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