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Leadership Roles in Business

Posted On: 2005-11-17Length: 21:46

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That's right, ladies and gentlemen, we're back once again, number 15, I believe, of the Business Reality show, or business tips, whatever you call it, I don't even know anymore.

Business Success Tips.

So says the Lee, the strong man.


We've got Dr. Andy.


And we've got the Paul Sanneman, again.

Your favorite dad.

Who, uh.

Your favorite what?

I came from his loins.

I'm not going to claim that one.

What a way to start!

What was it somebody said, you know, I went to the picnic with my father and came back with my mom.

I don't think that's funny.

Maybe this wasn't a good start.

You know, like he impregnated, never mind. If I have to explain it,

You mean you had to be there?

That's right, you had to be there. It was a good picnic.

He does act really

Hey, so we're going to decide if we're going to talk about leadership or condoms. Leadership or condoms.

Leadership of condoms?

Hey, leadership is using condoms.

That's right.

You've got to take control of that situation.

Don't forget your condoms.

Or else you'll hear the words, "I'm pregnant," and that's never good.

That's never good, that's true. Ok.

Your business tip for the day.

That's right. Cover that tip. Go ahead. So what are we going to talk, oh.

I don't know, what are we going to talk about?

I was talking about, we were starting, remember the company thing, and the reason the company hasn't gone anywhere, no leadership. Leadership is the most important thing a business can have.

Oh. Gotcha. We need a leader.

And, you know, Andy you need to do something because you have been a really shitty leader.

Well, let's talk about some academic

Well, you're not a very good leader, either.

I'm no leader, I am not leader, I'm a coach. I don't lead anything.

Well the reality is, I am leading. I'm leading my staff and my business right now, which is growing.

That's a little tiny part-time job. It's a radio show, my god it's not a big company.

It's a lot of fun, I'm having a lot of fun.

It's not even a store, it's a shack.

But I have, I have more fun building this business, a lot more fun, and I would rather do it

Think multi millions.

And you would make a lot more money

Would rather do it. Now, let's talk about some things. Ok. Very important.

You get so serious. I don't like him when he's serious. You know when you're so serious, you're really boring.

I know, we're going to get a little bit academic, ok?

Oh oh.

You and your Ph.D. Piled higher and deeper.

Organizations are just, that's right, I piled it and it's deep. Organizations are just like organisms,

Would you quit

They're people. They're like people. You know when an organism is born,

I'm glad he said organism.

I'm not, I was hoping he said orgasm.

Every orgasm needs a head.

Oh god. We're already out of control.

Now we're degenerating. This is more like it, ok. This is what our listeners like.

It's called imprinting. When the organism is born,


No, imprinting.

Ohhh, the head, it all fits together.

When we're born, when the chick is born,

The chick.

The first thing it sees it thinks is its parent, and it follows it everywhere. When a company is born, for example, Hewlett Packard. They were born in the garage, they had a culture based on David Packard's way of doing things. And that culture continued for many, many years until the company is basically where it is today, which is falling apart, because the culture's changed. The fact is that the leadership and the founders of the company create that personality and that culture. We will have to do that.

We have no leadership.

It's just like Apple and Steve Jobs. What's Apple? Steve Jobs. It's his


But we have no leadership.

Well we have no leadership for one very important reason...

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