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Posted On: 2005-11-11Length: 23:29

Listen to this podcast

Now announcing. Podcast #13 for Business Success Tips. Let me first announce, our announcer is back!


Who's that?

That's right ladies and gentlemen, I'm back once again, to announce our show for number 13, lucky 13 time. I've got Lee the strong man.

Yo, hello!

I've got Dr. Andy.


And once again, the Paul Sanneman, coming with his tips to success.

Your favorite dad.

Yeah, like the only,

My sugar daddy.

Yeah, you got a whole bunch of dads.

He's back on. I'm feeling better now, we've got the groove, we've got the sound effects, we've got the announcer,

The regular group is back.

We've got our color, this is good. I'm hot.

SO, we left off with our last episode with Lee wondering how in the heck is he going to grow his business, and what' making it wrong.

You see I talked about making two and a half billion on that deal, and he went, "I want to do that."

Two and a half billion!

Million. Million. I'm not in the billions yet, guys.

What are you, the government?

Yeah really. I'm just working on the million side.

Ok. So I'll go for two and a half million. So, what's the scoop? Where do we go from here?

Ok, first place, I don't think you are coachable by me.

Oh, that's interesting.

Well I mean, you used to be because a lot of the stuff, the shifts you made in the past, become the Filemaker guru, and focus against Filemaker, and a lot of those things, you know, you really shifted.

Well I didn't think you were coachable by me. But you finally decided this podcasting thing just might be the ticket.

That's right. Hey, and our 62 members, our 62 people love you for it. Send those e-mails Keep those cards and letters coming.

And now who

Oh, and the e-mail address is: SCS@sonic.net.

And who asks how many viewers we have every single time this season?

You, you've been missing out.

You missed it.

Oh, we are up to a huge, huge number.

Yeah, three.

No, our last count was 61 subscribers, and we love every one of you.

Yes we do.

You probably lost a few the weeks I was gone.

Even though we know all of you out there are our friends.

Just the girls.

That's right.

We can always use more.

So Lee wants to know how to turn his business into a $2.5 million business.

Okay, first here's the deal. So I believe you are coachable, you're my best buddy, you were coachable to a point. But then you have had so much stuff going on about money,

Now I'm too smart for you.

No. No, it's not true. It's true, what happens is,

Well, you're successful at what you do.

Well you went through all the bullshit with the IRS, and blah blah blah, and had all those dramas and traumas in your life.

Got through it all, what a guy!

You know, and you like, had no money and were broke, and blah blah blah,

Well, I think he's hit his comfort zone.

Yeah, and so what happens

I am really comfortable. Yeah I know.

You've got to be motivated.

What happens is you got to go and you found something you really like to do,

So I need to get uncomfortable.

That's right.

Well wait a minute. Wait a minute. You say you're in your comfort zone. So, how much time do you have?

For your RV.

You know, part of my comfort zone is being in the action. Part of my comfort zone is having a lot go on. Having, being, I hate to say it, it's like maybe it's addictive, but part of my comfort zone is having a lot of people that need a lot of what I do.

Right. You need to be needed.


You're addicted to being needed.


So what happens is,

I need you, Lee. We all need you.

This is why I get e-mails from you all the time, Andy. How come this doesn't work?

Can I have another beer?

You've got to go upstairs for the next one.

No, seriously, you have an addition to being needed, and that is

Yes, I do have...

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