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Making Passive Income on the Internet

Posted On: 2006-02-07
Length: 60:00

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Well hello! This is Anita Campbell and welcome to the Small Business Trends radio program. And I am so glad you could join us today. The topic of today's show is "Making a Living on the Internet through Passive Income." Denise O'Berry is our featured guest today. I'll be introducing Denise in about three minutes from now. This is a show you're going to want to stay with us for. If you are sick of selling your time as a consultant or service provider, or if you just want to build that nest egg faster, Denise O'Berry will show you how that can be done. She's an expert at creating passive income revenue streams that keep the money rolling in week after week, month after month, with a minimum of effort. And this is not get-rich-quick stuff. This is sustainable business.

But first we do our Today's Trend segment. This is a segment we do every week. And in honor of today's segment, show actually, being about business on the Internet, our Today's Trend segment is also about the Internet. And today's trend is link exchange is out, ezine articles in. The search engine Google currently accounts for more than 46% of all searches on the web. So it should come as no surprise that Google figures in heavily to many small business owners' strategy for getting traffic to their website. And in Google's world, inbound links rank very high in the criteria when it comes to getting good search position. But Google does not stay constant. It changes its search algorithms. And a lot has changed in the last year.

Today there's a growing school of thought that believes that Google's algorithms now give less weight to reciprocal links. Meaning, I link to your website and you link back to mine. Once a proven strategy for building incoming links, recently some have come to regard the reciprocal link as a far less effective strategy. In its place, we've actually seen a spike in a different practice-publishing free articles to build links. The reason, relevant one-way links are considered more valuable, at least in the opinion of some people. There are now at least 100 places online, possibly more, where you can submit articles. Here's how these sites typically work. You include...

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