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Marketing Partnerships

Posted On: 2006-06-27Length: 55:41

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Hello, and welcome to the show. I'm Anita Campbell, your host, and I am so glad you could be joining us today for another edition of Small Business Trends Radio. The topic of today's show is "Grow Your Business Faster with Smart Partnerships." In an over-advertised world, the most efficient and cost-effective way to attract and keep clients is partnering and doing it the smart way. Listen to the show and you will hear real live success stories, best methods and pitfalls to avoid when developing smart business partnerships that work and keep your costs low. Our guest, who I will be introducing in a few minutes from now, is Emmy winner, former Wall Street Journal reporter, Kare Anderson, who has written a book called Smart Partnering, and Kare will be here talking about this whole topic of partnering, and how you can do it and get the best results from it.

But first, before I introduce Kare, I will be doing our Today's Trend segment. This is a segment that we do each radio show and the topic of Today's Trend is the trend of the ad-hoc organization. Now today's organizations can be smaller and ad-hoc. The dictionary definition of ad-hoc includes impromptu, improvise or brought together for a specific purpose. And those are all good definitions for the way some small businesses operate today, changing as the situation calls for it. Now why are more and more businesses getting into this definition of small and ad-hoc? Because they can be. Now stay with me for a moment while I explain.

At one time in history, all businesses were entrepreneurial. Then eventually something would happen causing the businesses to become better organized and to scale and to grow bigger. Perhaps it was an emperor who built grand buildings or pyramids. Or a society that built public works, such as aqueducts in ancient Roman times. Such massive projects required massive organizations, usually of slave labor, but that's another story. More recently the industrial revolution of the 19th and early 20th century...

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