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Marketing With Netcasts

Posted On: 2006-01-06Length: 19:45

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Well hello, hello, lucky ones. You are with us once again. We're celebrating number 30 tonight. I didn't think I'd live this long. But here I am. With my friends as usual, I have Lee Strong.

Hello out there.

I have Dr. Andy.

Hi all.

And I have Paul, the Sanneman, working the camera man tonight.

The best father you've ever had.

This lifetime.

Good thing he's you're favorite.

This lifetime.

There could have been more than one, you know.

I stopped, and he's been around.

Well, hello, hello. Welcome number 30.

What are we doing tonight guys?

Well tonight,

I think we're giving back to the large fan base we've assembled over these last episodes.

Well tonight we've got an exciting show. We're going to talk about our new venture. An adventure in netcasting. That's right.

A lot of people have been asking about it.

That's right. So we're going to try to do what we talk about. I'm tired, you know, one of the things that's frustrating in consulting, is I've helped several people become multi-millionaires, and my net worth may be like two or three million, but it certainly isn't like the 10 or 20 that I want it to be.

No pictures, no pictures.

So anyway, the idea is, we should do our own business. Now the first business I did that I participated in, was a mortgage company, we done really well, we did like 26 million in paid commissions last year.

Money, money, money.

So I decided we needed to build the world leader in podcasting. Excuse me, netcasting.

Screw this podcasting crap. That's the most absurd, stupid thing. It assumes that everything is going through an iPod, and that's nonsense.

Apple can suck my apple.


That should be plural.

Ok. So we're going to netcasting. So our mission now is to build the world leader in netcasting.

And Bill Gates if you're listening, turn your thing off now. You are not allowed to steal ideas.

That's right. So we're going to do this. We've made some decisions so far. We've actually rented a place, right?

We have a, we're beginning a studio.

We put beer in the frige.

Put beer in the frige.

It's a big frige, too.

That's right.

That was my request.

I carried it up the stairs.

That's right, and we're going to have a really cool studio. It's going to have a lounge thing in it.

Yep, we have couches coming.

Right. All new furniture.

Ever need a place to crash, in the Santa Rosa area, and you're a fan of our show.

This place is Super Bowl party.

I'm donating my $10,000 worth of video equipment for the movie I never made, so we're going to like have all the video stuff. We're going to buy all cool audio stuff, right?

Yep, we've got software coming in, we've got already, in fact, this is Lee, I'm on a new microphone, Paul,

I'm on a new microphone.

I'm on my same ass microphone.

I'm on the microphone I got when I was 13 years old.

I walked uphill both ways through the snow to get to this

Through the snow to get this microphone.

That's right. So we're upgrading equipment, mixers, controls, we're just, we're moving on here to put together

I've got a lot of bling bling around my neck, diamond ring, you know how we rule.

Not yet.

JC's comment was, does this make us rich enough I can own my own sports team? And I said, that's a good mission.

If anyone would like to give me a sports team out there, unless it's any of the Texas ones. Please,

You can have a fantasy football team. He's giving me a look

So, you know, I was sitting in the hot tub the other day saying, how do we get this to $100 million? That's like my mission in life...

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