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Marketing a Reality Show

Posted On: 2005-09-27Length: 10:04

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, we're back once again with the business reality show. Got my main man Lee to the left, the strong man.


I've got Dr. Andy to my other side.


And now I'm going to head it over to my main man, the man with a plan. The guru man. Mr. Paul Sanneman.

Thank you, my son the sex addict.

Guilty as charged.

Gets it from my old man, I'm sure. Ok. So today we're going to talk about creating your own reality in business. As I've said, I've been in business consulting for about 25 years now, and this is one thing that people don't really get. I use this illustration. Now Lee, you're going to have to, this is a visual illustration I'm trying to do on the radio.

I'm paying attention.

So here we go. Let's see if I can do this, all right? Picture a light bulb. Got the light bulb?

It's right above my head now.

There you go.

I see it going off.

Now there's a film, this is how illusions, the light bulb is like a filmstrip, right, the thing the light shines through. Got that visual?

Uh huh.

Then there's like a lens, right? And it's shines

Sounds like a stag party to me.

And it shines on the screen, right?


I think this is how reality works. This is my version of metaphysics. Ok? But it has to do with business.

It's just a movie.

Well, not exactly. So you've got the light bulb. We'll call it God, consciousness, creative force, or whatever you want to call it.

Do you get popcorn with the movie?

Well, it depends on what you're watching. Then you've got, so what happens is the universal force, or whatever it is that creates all this stuff, is gone through we'll call the filmstrip thought, like be, like what you're thinking. Then the lens is like gives it power, which is emotion. And then after the lens, comes the film screen, which is like the reality thing, right, what actually shows up. So everything we're looking at is like this hologram of thought.

So we're just perceiving, it's just our perception.

Right. So what happens is, if you change the way you think, and you change your emotion, you can change your business.

That I understand.

It makes sense.

So what happens is that so many people I work with in business, they complain a lot. In fact, I guess they hire me because they want to complain. They laugh a lot, too. So what happens is, let's take somebody who's got, can't find any decent employees. Just can find them anywhere. And they started going, you know, there's a bunch of lazy SOBs out there, I've tried it, cant' find him anywhere, there's no such thing as a good employee. I've got lots of clients complain about that. And the truth is, if a good employee walked in the door, they wouldn't even recognize him.

Andy was complaining about that today.

Oh, I can't stand it.

So, you've owned several businesses, Andy.

You know, even when you think the employee is going to work out really well, you bring them in, sounds great, but you know what, you can't, you can't capture all of their life. And when it's your business, nobody cares about it more than you do. And your employees are not going to care about it as much as you do.

See, that's your problem.

I think that's a belief.

I think that's a belief. I think, you know you wouldn't know a good employee from a punch in the nose. No offense.

I don't think a good employee would punch you in the nose.

That's true.

So what's a good employee?

So, what happens, no, you create your own reality. What you think, whatever you visualize, you don't think you can find it. So therefore, that intention you have, like all employees suck. You can't find any because you believe it.

So, what you're saying is, is you need to have, you need to create a reality that says there's tons of incredible employees everywhere.

Right, it's intention, cause...

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