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Business Momentum

Posted On: 2005-09-15Length: 10:02

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Here we are with podcast number 2.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, it is time for the greatest show on earth, once again. And you all know my main man, the papa son, the Santa man,

Thank you, thank you. I'm Paul, and we're with Dr. Andy over here.


And our head nerd, Lee.


And my son, for color, Mr. Jolly.

That's right. I'm always with you people.

That's right. He's also too close to his microphone. So today, let's see, we're going to talk about momentum.

Well, tell me a little bit. What is momentum?

Momentum is once you get that God don't stop.

It's like me and drinking, people.

I see. I don't, so, I was relating this to, it's a contractor's story, actually. I've got a client who's a contractor. And the issue was, he would like start to close the deal, and he'd make it hard to buy. Like what, you know, like they'd pick up the phone.

Now wait, wait, wait, wait. What do you mean "hard to buy?" What is hard to buy mean?

Hard to buy means, when you pick up the phone, in this case they were getting leads on a possible construction project. And the guy would say, "fine, sounds interesting, we'll have somebody call you back."

And then did he call back?

Like a week later. So that's a little too late.

That sounds like crap to me. Crap.

Would you turn him down? Anyway, so he'd call back a week later, and sometimes the people are interested, and sometimes they weren't. So, what happened is, every time like, I feel when you try to sell something, that once you get started in the process, you want to keep it going until you get the sale. You don't want to like drop the ball.

Now, are you talking about constantly putting pressure on a person who'd be buying?

You're making it a lot of

That's what she said.

You're making a lot of noise over here.

I know who it is.

That's right.

Blame it all on me, I see how it is. I'm candid on this podcast, people. Call me with your podcast, I'll come to you.

Can you turn him down?

You're always trying to censor me.

There we go. So, no what I'm saying, I'm not saying pressure. But what I'm saying is once you get started, don't stop. You know, once you get people interested, and you've got them. Cause before you you've got their interest, their enthusiasm,you're excited about it, they're excited about it, you want to you know, build their dream kitchen or whatever, and you want to keep them going until they sign the contract. So from the phone call you make the appointment. The appointment show up you get all excited, you tell them how great it's going to be, how wonderful the kitchen is going to be, you get into it and lock the deal.

So, wait, wait, wait. So in other words you never want to say later.

Right. Because if you do, they just

Once you slip them the shocker, you keep going.

Cause what happens, is like, what comes against it is people's procrastination. The fact that people don't want to you know, make a decision because they're afraid they'll make the wrong decision. And the longer you wait, the less likely it is to get the deal. So,

But, wait, wait. I've got to stop you again. Look, I don't want to be pushy, I mean, I don't want to shove people into a

Hey, do you want it or not?

Yeah, but to a point. But wouldn't it be better to not push it, and get them on your side, make the sale, at their pace, and then make another sale later?

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