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Netcast Changes Explained

Posted On: 2006-10-05
Length: 30:35

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It's Business Success Tips with me, JC. And the rest of the gang.

Whooo hoo.

Jesus. You know, when JC has a cold, he's just no good at all. His brain dies.

No, No, he's taking over the show.

No, it's an allergy anyway.

That's because you're sitting next to him. You want to believe that, don't you? Just don't touch him, you're fine.

I've never touched him.

Not since I was a little boy.

Oohhhh. Hey, do I look like a congressman to you?

I'm not a, what is it, I'm not a priest or congressman doesn't count.

Hey let's talk about iTunes.

Ok. Here's Andy's pitch. Go for it Andy.

So like we've been looking at our download rate, and how many people have been downloading. And how many are we at Lee?

We're at 597.

No, no. Now that's a week. We've got 45,000 downloads or something.

No, that's subscribers. That's our regular subscribers.

That guy's really good.

And by the way, by the time you guys hear this, it'll probably be well over 600. But we've been doing research over the past year, and 600 subscribers is really is not bad. I mean it's 1500 and you're in like the top of all amateur, so we, we're not,

And if they told their friends, we'd have 1200 really fast.

Yeah, that's true.

Well, there's that, absolutely.

Yeah, if they were telling their friends, we were kind of wondering, we keep getting more and more listeners at a steady rate, we keep wondering why, if people are listening, why are they listening, no. We're wondering

I wonder that myself.

Why aren't they jumping up higher? Because there are so many people using iTunes with their iPods and stuff, and then we went and took a look at the reviews on iTunes. And we looked at our podcast, and how it's displayed, and it shows one really weak review. Only one. And it's by somebody

Therefore our listeners don't know how to do reviews.

Well, it looked like it was somebody who listened to only one show that we did almost at the very beginning, and never really kept listening. So I guess what I'm talking about is, we're kind of asking everybody out there who really enjoys our show, we assume if you're listening to us, you do enjoy our show.

This is us begging, by the way.

To please go on iTunes, if that's how you get your podcasts, and write us a review. Please. Get in there. We've only had one review, yet we've had almost 42,000 downloads. We've got to be better than that.

We've got to be better than that.

Well, I'll go write a review.

Well, I think we all tried that, and I think they caught on and they deleted our reviews.

They deleted our reviews. We thought they were so good.

I'll write a review that says, hey, it's better than White Noise.

That's right. And you can learn something. So we're soliciting our listeners out there to get on a computer and go to iTunes and write whatever you thing.


Cause we get a lot of emails. But we don't seem to get the reviews. Now, how do they write a review? It might help them out here, in case they, you know, are technically challenged

It's actually pretty simple. You just go to the podcast itself and it says write a review. You click on the link and you pick the number of stars out of, I think it's four or five.

Four or five, yeah.

Pick five stars. There you go.

Yeah, that'd be nice, and then if you want, you...

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