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New Years Business Resolutions

Posted On: 2005-12-27
Length: 23:18

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Well hello everyone, and welcome to our New Year's extravaganza. Our New Year's Eve is going to start on the 27th because there is just not enough time to party.

That's right.

Many fabulous guests. Many people in the room tonight. It's going to be a lot of freelance. I've got to get back to work over there, so I'm going to give it up to the usual crew. We have Lee, Andy and Paul.

Hey, here we are.

Happy New Year.

I want to get laid.

A lot of people, it's going to be a fun time tonight.

Hey, we've got a lot of people at the party here.

Man this place is crowded.

Welcome everyone.

Is everyone having a great time? All right. Would you put your pants in your pocket, or whatever the hell you do with that. Come on.

Don't like that wallet.

It's like right there, all right, all right. We're all here.

Everybody quiet. Quiet.

Someone's got to talk, though, it's a radio show.

That's right. We're going to do silent radio. A new thing, right? Ok. So we're having our New Year's eve party.

Maybe we should do a round of new year's resolutions because it's New Year's.

Ok. Well we have a couple people here. Steve's here tonight. Steve!

Hey Steve!

The driver of the swami.

Oh yes, that's right.

Hey Steve! And you know, I heard we had a special appear, remember in the car, remember Rocky and Bullwinkle. I actually think Bullwinkle is here tonight. I saw him in the corner trying to get with this chick. Uh, Bullwinkle you over there?

I'm right over here.

Oh, Bullwinkle, I love your horns. You're so horny.

Down moose and squirl.

That's going to drive me nuts.

Down moose, down.

That's right. Not my kind.

Can I do something for you?

Uhhh, well, not right now. I don't go to animal things. You know, maybe if you were a cute chick but not an animal, I don't go that way.

Don't bend over.

That's right. Ok. So here we are celebrating the new year.

He is a male animal.

That's right. So we're doing New Year's resolutions?

Yeah, sure why not.

Ok. New Year's resolutions. About business. I promise to have a great time next year. How about that one?.


Not very exciting, huh?

You do that every year.

I know. I have a good time.


Ok. Swami. You're the spiritual teacher.

Oh yes, well, next year I'm finally going to be able to afford a time share. Yes. I've always wanted a Rolex watch, and I found 11 other people to share it with.

Oh good.

Once every month. I'll have it for January.

Time share, now there's a hot business idea out there. Get those time share watches, right?

That's right.

I'd invest in that.

You only have to impress one person a month.

That's right. You just have to share it. That'd be good.

So what else.

That'd get me laid one month out of the year, right?

You need a Rolex to get laid, I don't know.

That's right.

Hey, if you can get the watch, that's a good sign.

That's right. Watch the watch.

Ok Andy. You know, give us our Jewish.

You want me to be serious?

Do whatever the fuck you want to do. You know, go for

Seriously? My new year's resolution is not to care so much about the business.

I'm for that one.

I'm for that one.

Get your stick out of your butt, Andy. Yes!

When things goes wrong, I'm not going to freak out.

Hey that's part of the party game.

It's called get the rocket out of your ass. You can do it.

I will support you in that, because I promise not to care about your business next year, too.

I don't give a shit about your business...

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