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Overcoming Stress And The Entreprenuer

Posted On: 2005-12-01
Length: 23:34

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This is so stressful!

Hello lucky ones. We're back once again with another one for you. I'm once again joined by Lee the strong man.

Hello, I'm stressed.

Is he stressed? I don't know. And then there's Dr. Andy.

The record button is on this time.

All right we've made it. And then I've got Paul the Sanneman.

And I'm addicted to podcasting.

He's addicted to podcasting. Today's episode. Stress.


The silent killer.

Killer. Oh god.

It's like, sudden death is nature's way of telling you to slow down.

Anybody out there stressed? Do you feel stressed in your job?

I'm not stressed! I can't stand it.

What exactly is stress?

Do you feel stress in your relationship with your significant other? Do your kids stress you? Do your parents stress you?

I don't know, Paul seems pretty stressed here.

I'm stressed. Laughter helps reduce stress.


So, you're going to laugh a lot tonight.

We'll laught a lot. I'm going to try to unstress myself.

I remember stress was described as something when you're in a negative situation, a negative context, and there's nothing you can do about it. There's no control at all.

Well, some people, since this is a business

You're never in a situation where you can do nothing about it.


Not ever.

So, and since we're relating, we're talking about business, guys, so we're going to talk about a lot people, the reason they don't stay in business or they don't start their own business, is they're afraid it's too much stress. I've seen people that go, my dad, classic example. He was an electrician for, I don't know, 40 years. And he didn't want to do his own thing. He was always the number 2 guy in business because he felt the number 1 thing was too much stress. He'd look at his boss and go, "man, I don't care if I work longer, don't make as much, and blah blah blah."

Wouldn't want to be that guy.

Wouldn't want to be that guy.

Bad role model.

So he like, wouldn't want to be his boss. And that's why he stayed an employee so long.

So, (a) he was right to be number 2 because it's just a way more stressful job or (b) his boss wasn't doing it right.

I would think so. So the question, what creates stress? Lee, what creates stress in you?

I create my own stress. In other words,

I think we all do.

Yeah. my bottom line is, is I think that, when I get stressed out, I'm stressing myself. There's really nobody else who stresses me like myself.

Ok. But how do you create stress in yourself? Let's put it that way.

Um, let's say I want to do more for a client than I have time to do. Then I'm stressed. I want to get it done. I want to get it handled. So I get stressed.

Ok. What creates stress for you JC?

You know, I'm pretty unstressful, but I'd have to say, little things, like driving an automobile. Like that's a very stressful situation.

You might die any second.

You see, most people have so much stress in their life, they don't even feel that stress, because that's like nothing compared to what they're doing elsewhere. But if you actually really dig into like the stressful situation of being on cue and driving a car, it's a very stressful situation.

You could die any second.

You could die in a

In an accident

And I drive like 40, 50,000 miles a year, so, you know, I'm in that situation a lot, and I feel the stresses.

I get stressed when I see people put beer on my drum machines. Hey!!!!!

That's really going to stress them out.

Ok. Andy, what's yours?

I used to drive a lot, so I agree with JC. I remember I used to get to work in the morning after a 45 minute drive, and I could feel my hand shaking and vibrating. An unbelievable level of stress. I mean you're driving at high speeds and the guy in front of you could slam on his brake any second, the guy next...

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