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Passion in Business

Posted On: 2005-12-08
Length: 24:17

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That's right people, our show turns 21 today. Twenty-first episode. Our show can drink, you should, too. That's right. Crack em if you got em. This show's all about passion. We're tired. We're trying to create passion out of nothing. E-mail us on how we do. I got Lee.


I got Andy.

I got to wake up.

And I got Paul.

I'm bored.


You would be bored.

So, with the bitch about the last two shows, with they were boring, and they don't have the energy.

They were slow and boring, they had all of us

So how do you get passion, you know, you're bitchin, I've been working on Filemaker for 17 hours, and JC's either texting his girlfriend or bitching about I've been driving all the time I haven't got any sleep. And Lee's going, well I'm really tired. Are you really tired Lee?

Uhhhh, tired isn't the word. I need additional passion.

Ok. So, how do you get

I'm tired.

So come on.

I'd get some passion if some of our viewers would e-mail us some pictures of boobs.

I see. So, ok. Well, sex works, you know.

And where should they e-mail that Lee?

That's scs@sonic.net.

Thank you.

You could also e-mail us complaints about some of the things that are said.

And if you don't like me, e-mail me even more.

But don't e-mail us,

E-mail me hate mail, I'd like it. I'd feed off it.

But don't send us any moons.

No, that'd be ok. Sometimes butts are pretty cute.

Uhhhh. Excuse me.

Here, ready?

No, no, not yours, please. Not yours. No, when I think of your butt, all I think about is the little wallet thing in the back of your Levi's, it's like wearing a hole.

How come you're looking at his ass?

Well, my wallet's wearing a hole in my ass because I have so much money in it.

No really, you guys got to see this. Get up and turn around. Stand up. Turn around, turn around. Now look at this.

Oh my god!

Did you see that?

Look at that, it's sticking out there.

It's wearing a hole in his butt.

It's so thick!

Hey Lee, you didn't have to take the pants off. That wasn't part of the deal.

Oh, sorry.

Really. You've seen the guys with Skoal.

Is it cold in here?

They have a Skoal can on the back of their pants, and this big round image on their Levi's. So how do you get passion if you don't have it? I mean,

Rent a movie.

I see.

Get a full night's sleep. That would help.

You know what it is, I think it's talking about sex.

Well that gets some of you going, there.

Yeah, yeah. So, I don't know. Passion around business is big for me. And I do get so passionate about what I do, I absolutely love it.

Well see, I find Filemaker incredibly, would you quit texting your girlfriend?

I can do whatever the fuck I want.

Would you quit texting your girlfriend!

I can't see, I don't have my glasses.

Well, you know, but you should see what she wrote back.

That's right. He's texting his girlfriend during this podcast. I mean, come on. One part of passion is paying attention. Being present.

Well, I can be passionate and not pay attention to you.

He's passionate, but not about the podcast.

That's right. It's all about sex. I've noticed that now that he has a girlfriend, it's like he is preoccupied. You know it's like there's a romance start of,

Yeah, the romantic part

And then your whole life is consumed. Just as you're getting laid three times a day, your whole life changes.

What's wrong with that?

I see.

That's why he's so tired...

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