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Pay Yourself First Rule

Posted On: 2006-06-22
Length: 24:05

Listen to this podcast

It's business success tips, with the usual suspects.

Whoo hoo.

That's all you're going to get because it's a hundred degrees outside.

It's hot and JC's talking slow.

Yeah, my speech slows down, that's why southern people probably talk really slowly.

That's right. That's because he got up at 4 o'clock this morning, or 4:30 or some ungodly hour.

Oh, yeah. It's so warm the crickets are out.

It's summer,

It's the first day of summer right?

It's 102 degrees outside. It's true.

At least we don't have that humidity that's unbelievable.

So is the topic of our podcast tonight is the laid back podcast?

Well, it's not the getting laid podcast.

It's not the getting laid podcast. It's laid back.

There's a subtle difference.

That was a shocking analogy.

Wait a minute. Didn't we do that show?

Yeah, we did. It was a failure.

After a while you get so predictable.

I know. It's true. So, um, well, I'm here, this is Paul, and I'm fresh from out of the hospital.

It was Paul's turn.

That's right. It was my turn in the hospital. The question is, I know you don't really care out there in podcast land, how did you get in the hospital? And I think there's a lesson for all of us on to how I got in the hospital.

Well, if you didn't do heroin, you wouldn't be getting

It's all the drugs. Actually, my drug of choice was work that did it. And being a confessed workaholic, I started two other companies besides the company I was working, plus I got another thing going with this social activism thing, plus I drank probably too much and ate too much, and it sort of starts to cycle down down down,

Blah blah blah.

Anyhow, you get this thing called diatriculitis, and you end up in the hospital. And it was very, it was a very awakening experience for me because

Very instructional, was it?

It was because the internist came in and she goes, well, she goes, if it comes back this way, we operate, if we don't, we don't operate, like she really cared if she cut me up, and it was like, uh, you know, all in a day's work. Just cut you open, no problem, put a bag in your side, no, you'll be cool. And I'm going, no, no, no. That doesn't sound like me.

Ooh. So they talked about the bag thing?


I go, no baby.

Oh, I'd be really good after the bag. Oh man.

I'm changing my lifestyle. Hallelujah.

You can send your get well cards to SCS@sonic.net

I saw the light. So no,

No, no carry the moneybag, that's not what I want to do.

So what they said, well a couple days on IV, you know, give you the big heavy drugs, and we'll kill all these bugs and everything else in you, and you'll be cool. So, I did. But I definitely had a big lesson. And the big lesson is, you can work yourself to death, actually. And that probably, well I guess you can not like your job and work yourself to death.

I was just going to say, so just go get a job, and forget about everything you've been talking about.

But you can do the same thing in a job.

More so, actually.

Cause, stress, you know, I've decided that stress is caused by attachment, right? Because you want to see things a certain way, whether it's your body, or the way life looks, or your house or your car, or money or a paper, whatever. And you have this attachment to the way it needs to be, and you get all stressed about it, and when you get stressed about it, you probably don't eat right, you try to self medicate with alcohol, and things like that, so it's a cycle and you head down the...

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