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Quit Your Job For Financial Success

Posted On: 2006-10-19
Length: 20:06

Listen to this podcast

Hey all you listeners out there,

Start it again

I only have one advice-quit your job. Quit your job.

I've got to make a mortgage payment.

I've got a wife and kids.

I've got expensive strippers.

I listen to this podcast on Business Success Tips. I quit my job. I'm now rich and famous. I get laid all the time, I have lots of fun. You can do the same thing.

You had a job?

Once in my life. Yeah.

How am I supposed to follow that up?

You're the announcer.

I don't know. We're here. We're doing a show. Business Success Tips. We have everybody and Forest.

Everybody's here. He's not anybody. That's true.

Well, we're in a change of venue.

Oh yeah, we're in the basement now.

We're in the dungeon.

We got to do this show fast, they're going to cut off our power in about 20 minutes. But things are good. This whole entrepreneur stuff really works.

Trust us.

We got batteries.

We entrepreneurs are on a roll.

That's right. Ok.

Cut of the theme song.

Don't laugh so hard, or his mom's going to come downstairs and yell at us.

OK, Forest can't laugh, the rest of us can.

Yes I can.

Ok. Welcome to the first show of Business Success Tips from our old studio.

Our exciting new location.

Version 3, yes it's true we've downsized slightly.

Downsized. We're now in Lee's living room, and we're recording, we haven't got all the equipment hooked up yet, so we're using a Marantz recorder. So it may not be the quality of our normal show.

Don't give away our secrets, it probably can't even

Are you kidding, the quality is in what we say, not how we sound.

That's true.

But you're listening to what we have to say, that's really what's important here.

It's content. Not quality.

It's not the size of the room, which is quite small, it's the motion.

It's not size that counts, it's the action.

Hey Lee, will you stop standing on my foot.

That's what small guys always say.

This is like back to our old show.

Or worse. Get off of my foot.

Oh, this show's really bad.

Ok. So we're going downhill quick. All right.

So, we needed something to talk about. I think we should talk about, well, we had a very good discussion at dinner tonight. And it was about Lee's, well actually,

It's actually about who you hang with, right?

Actually, Lee's having an issue with his stepdaughter, and she hung out with this guy who tried to kill himself,

Details aren't, if you hang out with the wrong

Go, details are fine.

Anyway, she's hanging out with this guy, he tried to kill himself, and now she won't talk to Lee or her mom, and from this we developed a theme

She's on her own.

She's on her own. She's 21 years old, she's on her own. And so we need to segue into some kind of business thing form this.

It's all about who you hang with.

Who you hang with. That's true.

Who you hang with, that's right.

You become like the people you hang around.

That's right. And so what am I doing with you guys?

Well, we're back in your living room. What can I say? We're back in your living room again.

Well we've learned that your daughter doesn't hang around with people who doesn't commit to anything.

That's right.

That's right. It was only attempted.

He failed, He only did one risk, so we decided he was not a committed guy because he didn't pull it off, so he'd be a really bad husband...

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